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Jiabaoli furniture paint, the first pure flavor furniture paint in 2015, has been leading the trend of clean flavor environmental protection in the furniture industry

Jiabaoli furniture paint first created Jingwei furniture paint in 2015, and has been leading the trend of Jingwei environmental protection in the furniture industry. In recent years, the national environmental protection requirements for the furniture industry have become increasingly stringent, and consumers' awareness and requirements for environmental protection of furniture have become higher and higher. Clean taste environmental protection has become the development trend of the furniture industry

after years of leading precipitation, "Jiabaoli Jingwei furniture paint" has already become the environmental protection vane in the industry, among which the "Jingwei +" series represented by Jingwei PU paint, Zhenjin PU paint, wood wax oil and water-based paint are even more popular among environmental protection products! Once launched, it has generated great attention in the furniture industry, and the number of applications for product samples of furniture enterprises has shown a blowout trend, which has quickly become a hot spot in the industry

in order to more comprehensively help furniture enterprises quickly adapt to the new normal of environmental protection transformation, the technology of clean taste and environmental protection is applied to furniture manufacturing. On April 7, 2017, the Grand Master Competition for the promotion of golden ideas of Jiabaoli furniture paint kicked off. 20 elite teams from the major marketing centers of Jiabaoli furniture paint went to the country to promote Jiabaoli "Jingwei +" series furniture paint and supporting environmental protection coating schemes, and provide furniture enterprises with environmental protection transformation needs with product application, process optimization, coating effect design and development, coating quality improvement, cost control, coating production management and other services, It has won unanimous praise from countless furniture enterprises

on June 30, the first season of the jiabaolijin idea promotion masters ended perfectly. 20 elite teams served 72 furniture factories, including Qingdao Jiujiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dingfeng Furniture Co., Ltd., Oriental Berlin Furniture Co., Ltd., Junyi Meiju Jingwei wooden door, and provided systematic solutions according to their development needs, which not only improved the coating effect, improved production efficiency, and reduced production costs, It can realize the effect of clean taste and environmental protection from coating to finished furniture, and let furniture enterprises perfectly experience the changes and surprises brought by clean taste furniture paint

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