Prediction of five trends in China's door and wind

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If the traditional door and window industry wants to survive in the cracks, it must go out of the traditional operation concept and make new changes according to the needs of the market and users. Experts predict that in 2017, China's door and window market will have the following five development trends:

environmental protection and energy conservation of products, personalized customization

at present, although environmental protection and energy conservation, personalized customization and other aspects are deeply concerned by the industry, few enterprises actually do so, and most enterprises only take this as a publicity. The strictest environmental protection law has been implemented, and environmental protection and energy conservation will be the general trend in the future. In addition, 80 and 90 gradually occupy the dominant position in society, and the demand for personalization will increase, so customized products will also be a development trend

brand specialization

at present, the door and window industry is in the red sea of competition. Brands are like forests, and homogenization is serious, which makes consumers at a loss. Under the influence of homogenization, future enterprises will develop in the direction of small and beautiful, that is, refine first and then expand. Perhaps the current door and window market is still in a chaotic period, but many enterprises will gradually realize the importance of brand specialization and seek differentiation in strength on the road of homogenization "breakthrough"

pay attention to brand construction

under the competitive pattern of door and window brands, a few enterprises with advanced consciousness have begun to focus on brand construction, create their own brand characteristics, and improve brand awareness. With the continuous advancement of the Internet, door and window enterprises that break through the traditional marketing thinking and pay attention to network marketing will also spring up all over the industry

these door and window enterprises will use the Internet, new media and other new means to build their brands, cover the positive information of enterprises on famous platforms such as Baidu, and use the power of authoritative media such as Tencent and Sina to promote their brands, so as to improve the audience's cognitive power

service value-added

due to the high competition in the door and window industry, the market demand for door and window installation and after-sales service will be doubled. In this case, marketing companies, logistics companies and home decoration companies can inject more support into the door and window industry. Perhaps the door and window giants can also bring it into their own business scope and assimilate it into enterprise value-added services. This may be a major trend in the future

low end industrial transfer

restricted by many factors, such as backward infrastructure, shortage of technical talents, insufficient energy supply and lack of industrial supporting facilities, the main design and marketing methods of enterprises for doors and windows will change. In the future, it is expected to form a new cross-border door and window industry zone in relevant regions, from low-end to middle-end to high-end, and the speed of industrial transfer will intensify




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