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For a well decorated home, it is not easy to choose a set of lamps that can not only reflect personal taste, but also match the style of decoration. Nowadays, lamps and lanterns not only play a role in lighting, but also have strong decorative properties. Today, with a wide variety of lamps and lanterns, chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bathroom lamps, mirror headlights, spotlights, downlights, cabinet lamps, etc., suitable for family use, begin to enter families more and more. In the face of a wide variety of lamps and lanterns with different styles and different qualities, what kind of lamps and lanterns are suitable for you

there are many kinds of chandeliers. Most of them choose copper, aluminum, crystal glass, painted glass, etc. the shapes of chandeliers are more and the flow lines are different. Luxurious and elegant chandeliers will make the living room more comfortable and elegant

the ceiling lamp is simple in shape, soft in light, and energy-saving. It is suitable for bedrooms. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of lamps in the bedroom, one is the main lamp, and the other is the auxiliary lamp. The main lamp is a ceiling lamp, and the auxiliary lamp includes table lamp, wall lamp and bedside lamp. The main lamp requires relatively strong light. The auxiliary lamp is suitable for different angles according to the owner's requirements, and plays the role of local lighting. The light is relatively weak. In the bedroom, these two kinds of lamps should be said to be indispensable

mirror lamp, door lamp, floor lamp and aisle lamp are highly practical. Most of them are made of iron, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc., and the process is mainly chromium plating and paint baking. Due to the improvement of technical level, the styles of these lamps are gradually inclined to return to nature. Beautiful, practical and energy-saving are the best signs. If the color of your room is dense, the shape of the door lamp, aisle lamp and floor lamp you choose should be simple. If you feel that your personality is nothing special and your home decoration is also generalized, choosing a European style lamp will certainly make your home have unexpected effects. Because, home decoration and lighting are coordinated and matched to form a harmonious whole, so as to present a complete indoor space. Among them, the effect of lighting can not be ignored

Downlights and spotlights are also widely used in families. Several newly launched spotlights use the technology of split line installation. The spotlight of a main switch is divided into several groups of small spotlights. According to the needs of different indoor lighting, turn on one or more groups of small spotlights at will, which can not only save energy, but also adjust the contrast of light according to needs. After dinner, the kind of warm and cordial feeling will definitely make you feel happy at home

purchase room lamps and lanterns on demand. If the height of the living room is 2.7-3 meters, it is best to choose a chandelier, but never a rod chandelier. The height of the rod chandelier is required to be more than 3 meters, otherwise it will affect safety

the dining table in the restaurant requires a high level of illumination, and it is appropriate to choose lamps with strong illumination. The position of lamps is generally directly above the dining table. The lampshade should be made of glass or metal materials with bright and clean appearance, so that it can be wiped at any time

the lighting in the study should be bright and soft, and the ceiling lamp with color temperature of 4000K is more suitable. The desk lamp should adapt to the nature of work and learning needs. It is advisable to choose a direct desk lamp with a reflector and a lower opening, that is, a writing desk lamp

the lamps in the bathroom and kitchen should mainly consider moisture-proof and fog proof. At present, a waterproof lamp is being sold on the market, which is most suitable for use in the bathroom





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