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All things are renewed with the renewal of one yuan. On the first day of 2019, are you in high spirits and are you ready to display the grand plan of the new year? Have you stopped your enthusiasm and looked forward to the new year? Wake up

all things are renewed

on the first day of 2019, are you in high spirits,

are you ready to display the grand blue structure of the new year

you've gathered your momentum and are looking forward to the new year

wake up and invest.

the investigation was finalized before the year, and the business was booming at the beginning of the year.

then we can successfully catch up with important nodes such as 3.15 and get busy


are you worried about the laxity of people and poor service during the annual inspection

peace of mind ~

Calia stainless steel kitchen cabinets always have a wave of professional teams,

waiting for you in the wind and rain,

no time difference to provide you with the professional services you need

in addition,

in the new year, Kaliya is all new,

there are still many surprises worth your witnessing one by one,

today, I will reveal a little bit in advance ~

the new image is about to open

by the end of 2018,

the site selection of the fourth direct store of Kaliya Ningbo headquarters has been completed

at the beginning of 2019,

the fourth store with a single store of 1000 square meters,

after careful design, planning and preparation,

is expected to officially unveil around March

at that time,

whether it's new products, brand image, soft build design, display details, etc.

there are many highlights, and the highlights are noteworthy

major exhibitions continue to participate.

in the new year,

Calia will continue to compete in Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition and Guangzhou Construction Expo.

more brilliant all steel products,

better exhibition hall image,

more scientific investment promotion policies,

more detailed brand culture and other key concerns of investors, industry people or consumers can be learned in detail at the exhibition site

in-depth promotion of environmental protection development

Calia, which has focused on the development of kitchen cabinets for many years,

has been promoting the brand vision of

'spreading healthy kitchen culture'

with products made of all steel and without adding a piece of wood

this year,

Calia will still not forget its original intention to make further efforts for environmental protection development,

also looks forward to working together with more like-minded investors and franchisees to jointly promote the steady development and continuous surpassing of environmental protection

new year, good luck and good life

2019 has opened.

Calia looks forward to meeting you,

join hands with you to create a general trend





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