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Floor drain is an important interface between the drainage pipeline system and the indoor ground. As an important part of the drainage system in the residence, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, and is very important to the odor control in the bathroom. Although the floor drain is small, there are many problems to be considered in choosing a suitable floor drain

floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage pipeline system and the indoor ground. As an important component of the drainage system in the residence, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, and is very important to the odor control in the bathroom. Although the floor drain is small, there are many problems to be considered in choosing a suitable floor drain

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first, understand the structure of floor drain: under the premise that the existing building structure cannot be changed, floor drain deodorization should be the best way to solve the odor problem. How does the floor drain deodorize? Then we have to understand its structure first. Ordinary floor drains generally include floor drains and floating covers. The floor drain body refers to the part of the floor drain that forms a water seal, and the main part is the water storage bay. At present, many floor drains mainly rely on the water seal for odor prevention, so the depth of the structure and whether the design is reasonable determine the sewage discharge capacity and odor prevention capacity of the floor drain. When there is water in the floating cover, it can float up and down in the floor drain with the water. Many floating covers are additionally connected with bell covers. When there is no water or little water, the drain pipe will be covered to prevent the odor from flowing into the room from the drain pipe

II. Floor drains are used exclusively. In terms of use functions, floor drains are divided into two types: ordinary use and special use for washing machines. The special floor drain for washing machine has a round hole in the middle, which can be inserted into the drainage pipe. It is covered with a rotatable cover, which can be covered when not in use, and can be unscrewed when in use. It is very convenient, but its odor prevention function is not as good as that of ordinary floor drains. However, experts suggest that the floor drains should not be set and installed too much in the room. At present, some floor drains are dual-use

III. pay attention to the selection of materials: floor drains in the market are mainly divided into stainless steel floor drains, PVC floor drains and all copper floor drains. Since the floor drain is buried below the ground and requires good sealing, it cannot be replaced frequently, so it is very important to choose the appropriate material. Among them, the all copper floor drain begins to occupy an increasing share because of its excellent performance. Stainless steel floor drains were quite popular in previous years because of their beautiful appearance, but according to relevant professionals, stainless steel is expensive and thin coated, so it will not escape the fate of rust in a few years; The PVC floor drain is cheap and has good deodorization effect, but the material is too brittle and easy to age. Especially in the north, the temperature is low in winter, so it needs to be replaced in a short time, so the market is not optimistic; At present, the most common floor drain on the market is the all copper chromium plated floor drain. Its coating is thick, and it is easy to clean even if it has copper rust for a long time. Generally, the all copper floor drain can be used for at least six years

IV. odor proof floor drain competition: in addition to the smooth apron, odor prevention is the most critical. At present, floor drains on the market basically have anti odor function. According to the advanced degree of anti odor principle, facilities and methods, the price can not help but be the same. You should choose a suitable one according to your own needs

floor drains are mainly divided into three types according to deodorization methods: water deodorization floor drains, sealed deodorization floor drains and three prevention floor drains

water odor proof floor drain is our most traditional and common. It mainly uses the tightness of water to prevent the emission of peculiar smell. In the structure of floor drain, the water storage bay is the key. This kind of floor drain should try to choose the one with deep water storage bay, not just for beautiful appearance. According to relevant standards, the body of the new floor drain should ensure that the water seal height is 5cm, and have a certain ability to keep the water seal from drying up, so as to prevent odor. Now there are some ultra-thin floor drains in the market, which are very beautiful, but the anti odor effect is not very obvious. If your bathroom space is not a bright room, then it is best to choose a traditional one

sealed odor proof floor drain refers to adding an upper cover to the floating cover to seal the floor drain body to prevent odor. The advantage of this floor drain is its modern and avant-garde appearance, but the disadvantage is that it is troublesome to bend over and lift the cover every time. But recently, an improved sealed floor drain has appeared in the market. A spring is installed under the upper cover. When using it, the upper cover will pop up when you step on it, and it will be more convenient to step back when not in use

the three proof floor drain is the most advanced odor proof floor drain so far. A small floating ball is installed at the lower discharge pipe of the floor drain body, and the small ball is supported by the water pressure and air pressure in the sewer pipe daily, so that it is completely closed with the floor drain, thus playing the role of odor prevention, insect prevention and water overflow prevention

v. purchase and installation error prevention: after understanding the basic situation of floor drains, you should also pay attention to some problems before purchase and installation, and don't go into errors

the first is size. The reserved holes for drainage when the real estate developers deliver the house are relatively large, which need to be repaired by the decorators. Many consumers choose floor drains according to the size of the drain repaired by the decoration team at the end of the decoration, but all floor drains in the market are standard sizes, so it often happens that they cannot choose satisfactory products. Therefore, remind consumers that they should choose their favorite floor drain at the design stage of decoration, and then construct the drain according to the size of the floor drain. In addition, the opening diameter of the floor drain grate should be controlled at 6? 8mm to prevent dirt such as hair, sludge and sand from entering the floor drain

second, it should be grasped that there should not be too many water inlets for multi-channel floor drains. Multi channel floor drain is a product developed in recent years. A body usually has 3 to 4 water inlets (to undertake the drainage of face washer, bathtub, washing machine and ground). This structure not only affects the drainage of floor drain, but also does not conform to the actual design situation. Therefore, there should not be too many water inlets for the multi-channel floor drain, and two (the ground and the bathtub or the ground and the washing machine) can meet the needs

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