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Chen duo and caijiming talked about eradicating "white pollution"

disposable lunch boxes, food tableware, drink cups (boxes) and plastic bags, which not only brought convenience to people's lives, but also caused terrible "white pollution". Chen duo, a senior member of CCTV and a program host, and caijiming, a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee for the advancement of democracy and vice chairman of Beijing Municipality, said that "white pollution" should be eradicated by vigorously developing biomass plastic production to enhance fuel efficiency

at present, China consumes more than 20million tons of chemical based plastics annually, including 5million tons of packaging plastics, and more than 20billion disposable fast food boxes (bowls) alone. When these plastic products are discarded, it will take twoorthree years to completely degrade in nature, which will not only cause terrible "white pollution" for comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development, but also pose great potential harm to the ecological environment and the future living environment of mankind

the two committee members suggested that the state should start the research and development project of biomass plastic resin, establish a national biomass plastic research and development and production base, and formulate preferential policies in terms of loans, taxes, exports, etc. the recycled plastic granulator as the main processing machine will have a broad customer base policy, and vigorously support the development of biomass plastic production enterprises with a certain technical foundation and production regulations, which are convenient for inquiry, output and printing, So as to promote the development of biomass energy industry

biomass plastics

the so-called biomass plastics are the synthetic resins of biomass plastics produced by the interdisciplinary processes of electronics, chemical engineering, bioengineering and mechanical processing by mixing biological starch agricultural products such as corn flour, potato flour and cassava powder with chemical base products such as polyethylene, polypropylene, coupling agent and additives. Its biomass content can reach 30% - 70%, which has all the functions of chemical plastic resin. It can be made into hundreds of biomass plastic environmental protection products such as film, foam filling and hard chip. These biomass plastic products can also be degraded by the action of environmental microorganisms

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