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Changzhou amarton and Jing'ao solar energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 2.1 billion photovoltaic coated glass. According to the needs of domestic economic and social development, China will learn that: Recently, Changzhou amarton Co., Ltd. announced that many changes have taken place in the lives of citizens. On December 31, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement on photovoltaic coated glass with Jing'ao Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The company plans to sell photovoltaic coated glass to Jingao technology from January 2021 to December 2022. The estimated total sales volume is not less than 79.6 million square meters, and the estimated total sales amount is about 2.1 billion yuan (including tax)

Changzhou amadun Co., Ltd. said that with the completion and operation of three kilns in Anhui Fengyang original film production base and the expansion of the company's deep processing line for photovoltaic coated glass products, the company's capacity and scale advantage of ultra-thin physical tempered glass ≤ 2.0mm will be further improved in the future

the signing of this long single sales contract is related to the effectiveness of the experiment, which is conducive to the market promotion of the company's ultra-thin physical tempered glass products ≤ 2.0mm, improves the brand influence and core competitiveness of the company's ultra-thin physical tempered glass products, and will have a positive impact on the company's business performance in the future

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