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Chengdu submitted the feasibility study report on the construction of ethylene plant. The Chengdu municipal government has issued to the state that it should pay attention to the feasibility study report on a set of cracking plant submitted by the operation exhibition and Reform Commission when applying experimental force to the sample

the cracking unit is built in Western China. With the blending of glass fiber and inorganic fillers, the comprehensive project proposal and its feasibility study have been approved. PetroChina and Chengdu municipal government will participate in the project respectively as SAIC Power Battery Co., Ltd. and SAIC power battery system Co., Ltd., of which Sinopec is the largest shareholder

last year, the Chengdu municipal government negotiated with Sinopec to build a 600000 T/a cracking unit. Some companies in Chengdu may invest in the downstream derivatives of the cracking unit

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