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On the evening of August 18, ChuanHua shares announced that it planned to acquire 100% of the equity of TPC holding B.V company (Tona chemical), a Dutch specialized chemical manufacturer, for no more than 110million euros. The final purchase price was subject to the signing of a formal equity purchase agreement

according to the announcement, TPC holding B.V. is a limited private company, which is a special chemical enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. At present, there are mainly three core business blocks: textile processing solutions (production of various textile products of Parker company); Digital printing (production of thickeners and additives for inkjet printing of various textiles and carpets); Chemical solutions (production of a wide range of high-performance chemicals for industrial applications). The company has two formulation factories in ED, the Netherlands and Rayong, Thailand

according to the audited financial report, as of December 31, 2015, the company had total assets of 46.95 million euros, net assets of 18.95 million euros, operating income of 96.5 million euros, operating profit of 9.4 million euros and net profit of 7.2 million euros from stable performance of friction machines; As of june30,2016, the company had total assets of 51.16 million euros, net assets of 17.66 million euros, operating income of 50.17 million euros, operating profit of 6.3 million euros and net profit of 5.1 million euros

ChuanHua shares said that the company owns the largest proportion of aluminum doors and free radical window products. By acquiring the equity of Tona chemical, it will have an international strategic business unit with a global layout. The chemical business will cover customers in major regions including Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and provide customers with efficient supply chain services through production bases in China, Thailand and the Netherlands, It can not only greatly improve the global sales distribution, but also broaden the product line and strengthen the technical R & D capacity of functional chemicals. The acquisition project of the company has abundant potential synergy. Through the strong combination of the two sides, the core competitiveness of the two sides in the global textile and chemical industry will be further enhanced

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