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Chendeming: a detailed explanation of the road map of China's foreign trade in the next five years. Chinese Minister of Commerce chendeming gave an interview to explain in detail the road map of China's foreign trade in the next five years. Looking back on the past five years, China's foreign trade scale has achieved a new leap. Trade in goods

"China should stabilize exports and increase imports, improve the level of products, and make the international balance of payments and surplus of foreign trade more balanced." Chinese Minister of Commerce chendeming gave an interview to explain in detail the road map of China's foreign trade in the next five years

looking back on the past five years, China's foreign trade scale has achieved a new leap. The volume of trade in goods doubled during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period. This year, it is expected that more than 2.9 trillion new ceramic aluminum materials will be approved as a special USD for three major emerging industries in Anhui Province

chendeming was appointed Minister of the Ministry of commerce at the end of 2007, just in time for the world financial crisis. He said that China's foreign trade situation was very grim at that time. In the second half of 2008, China's trade volume began to decline sharply. In january2009, the trade volume dropped by 30%, and about 20 million migrant workers in coastal areas returned home after unemployment

but China has withstood an extraordinary test. In the fourth quarter of 2009, exports began to pick up

in response to the crisis, China has formulated a series of policies in a timely manner, including making great adjustments to export countries and making up for the decline in foreign trade in traditional markets by increasing exports to emerging markets. In addition, China has raised the export tax rebate rate seven times and increased credit insurance for all export tax rebate enterprises. All these are the strategies to deal with the problem that various components in ink (such as resin, pigment, filler, etc.) can also be made into nano raw material machines

although the trade volume soon stabilized and rebounded, chendeming pointed out that China's foreign trade structure has undergone great changes. In addition to the shift of export markets to emerging and developing countries, the structure of export products has been optimized. By increasing foreign aid and providing preferential loans to emerging countries, China's exports of large-scale and complete sets of equipment have been increased

in recent years, some western countries often criticize China's relevant policies based on China's trade surplus. Chendeming pointed out that although China is the world's first exporter, it is also the world's second largest importer; Among developing countries, China has a relatively balanced proportion of imports and exports

chendeming said that during the crisis, China greatly expanded imports, and the trade surplus decreased from 295.4 billion US dollars in 2008 to 196billion US dollars in 2009

chendeming explained the doubts of Western media on China's investment environment from two aspects. 5. On the one hand, since western countries saw the impact of the transfer of processing industries on their economies after globalization, they put forward the slogan of "industry return" and hoped to pull back capital; On the other hand, there is indeed a need for improvement in China's efforts to protect intellectual property rights, crack down on counterfeit and shoddy commodities, and purify the domestic market

chendeming is optimistic about China's future situation of absorbing foreign investment. He said that the amount of foreign investment in China has increased year by year and remains the most attractive developing country for foreign investment

although the status of a major trading country has been recognized, China's trade structure is not reasonable, and opportunities and challenges coexist

"among China's export products, few have brands, and the added value of brand products is low. We exchange a lot of foreign exchange for goods that are labor-oriented and processed on behalf of others." chendeming pointed out that China's processing capacity should be extended to both ends, one end is design and development, and the other end is sales. This process will be accelerated during the 12th Five Year Plan period

in view of the imbalance between import and export, chendeming believes that if the situation is not improved, China will hold a large amount of Western foreign exchange. This will pose a risk to China's economy

therefore, chendeming takes stabilizing exports and increasing imports on March 19, improving product levels and balancing international payments as the main objectives of China's foreign trade in the next five years

during the interview, chendeming talked about it and shared his experience of buying in person. He was pleased that China's foreign trade had recovered to the level before the financial crisis, and that he had seen a rainbow through the storm. At the same time, he was very confident that China would comprehensively improve the level of open economy and achieve a new leap forward in opening up during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and said that he would continue to "do a good job" for the country

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