How to choose steam trap for vulcanizing machine

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How to make the vulcanizer choose the steam trap well

the vulcanizer is an important equipment in the rubber factory. How to make the vulcanizer run well is related to many aspects such as product quality, production efficiency, production cost and so on. Moreover, the steam trap is a key component that affects the normal operation of the vulcanizer

therefore, according to the technical requirements of the product, the vulcanization process is formulated, and the heating time, temperature time and temperature fluctuation range of the vulcanizer are specified

1. Characteristics of steam trap

2 How to choose the steam trap suitable for curing press

whether the steam trap operates normally or not will greatly affect the performance and efficiency of steam using equipment, including curing press. At the same time, it also affects the service life of these equipment, and sometimes brings unexpected malignant accidents, causing huge losses to enterprises. Therefore, it is very important to select a good drain valve, which should be selected from the performance bidding of the following drain valves:

(1) the ability to discharge saturated water and the degree of supercooling

the steam becomes saturated water after it releases heat. If the drain valve can discharge the saturated water, the fresh steam can be added into the vulcanizer in time to keep the equipment at a high temperature, which can improve the production efficiency and product quality. The free floating ball, lever floating ball and floating bucket traps can discharge saturated water, and the undercooling is 0-2 ℃

supercooling refers to the absolute value of the difference between the temperature at which the steam trap can continuously discharge hot condensate and the saturation temperature under the corresponding pressure. The drain valve that discharges saturated water can discharge water at point C, and the drain valve that cannot discharge saturated water can only discharge water at point e with this 770000 pound fund provided by the government agency innovatieuk and the British Engineering and Physical Science Research Council. The temperature difference between point C and point E is called supercooling

disc type, bimetallic plate type, this adhesive has the following advantages: bellows type and other traps cannot discharge saturated water due to large undercooling, which is not applicable. Insiders refer to vulcanizers

(2) the back pressure rate of the steam trap is also an important index affecting the operation of the steam trap. With high back pressure rate, it can still work normally under high back pressure when recovering condensate

in the large plastic market. (3) the steam trap has a check function, which can prevent the adverse impact of condensate Backflow on the vulcanizer when a single vulcanizer stops working, causing failure and affecting its service life

(4) select the steam trap that can be used for superheated steam

(5) drain valve with continuous drainage, large drainage capacity and long service life

choosing a good steam trap can save a lot of energy and money. Of course, the one-time investment may be larger, but it is cost-effective in the long run, which can not only ensure product quality, but also greatly improve work efficiency

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