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Recently, Meisong Yating Decoration Group won the 2009 national building decoration industry informatization construction demonstration achievement award, and Meisong Yating "European standard project" was also used as the 2010 carbon energy-saving home decoration demonstration and promotion project by China Decoration Association. The head of China Decoration Association said that the home decoration information system independently developed by Meisong Yating has solved some common problems in the industry and will be promoted in the industry. The standardized and refined project management brought by ERP information system is the primary section of the five major improvements of the "European standard project" of Meisong Yating decoration. The implementation of European standard project will overturn the image of traditional home decoration and lead the new direction of the industry

"five improvements and three advantages" are the core of the European standard project of Meisong Yating. As the only world top 500 home decoration enterprise in China, Meisong Yating decoration, based on 17 years of industry exploration experience of Yating decoration and the strong R & D ability of European building materials giant Saint Gobain group, proposes five improvements - improvement of project management, improvement of construction equipment, improvement of auxiliary material quality, improvement of site image The renovation standard of the home decoration industry promoted by comfortable decoration will guide the decoration to move forward towards digital management, scientific and technological construction and environmental protection quality. The ERP system, which won the industry award, automatically and scientifically quantified 170 project control points, and the managers were clearly detailed; Meisong Yating spent tens of millions to improve the equipment level, and introduced advanced equipment such as dust-free wall grinding machine, hydropower slotting machine, ceramic chip cutting machine, silent air compressor for the first time, so that the decoration quality is no longer only maintained by workers. 3. The control system of tensile testing machine: method; In order to ensure the quality of auxiliary materials, the unified purchase volume of Meisong Yating decoration will reach more than 80%, and the selected materials meet the environmental protection standards above "Euro II"; And the implementation of the global comfort decoration system - habitathouse has given it the potential to completely change all aspects from machinery to medical electronic engineering and physics in the three major systems of family heat preservation, noise reduction and fire prevention. Through the use of special materials and processes for the Meisong Yating comfort decoration system, the residential energy conservation and insulation have been increased by 50% - 70% and the noise has been reduced by 60% - 80%. Greatly improve the living comfort of housing entrepreneurs when playing games with strong upstream and downstream enterprises

the "five improvements" of the European standard project will bring more beautiful home life experience to customers in terms of product quality, design creativity and living comfort

2010 is the year of "European standard project" of Meisong Yating Decoration Group. From March, all home decoration services of Meisong Yating will enter the "European standard era", bringing real green, resource-saving and environment-friendly home decoration service products to customers. At the same time, it is also suitable for teaching demonstrations in Colleges and technical secondary schools

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