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How to choose fire-fighting clothes and what are the characteristics of fire-fighting clothes

Abstract: with these protective tools, fire-fighting workers will have a better chance to complete tasks safely and ensure their own safety safely, reliably and smoothly. So what are the characteristics of fire fighting clothes

characteristics of fire protection clothing

with the progress of science and technology and the replacement of the times, fire protection clothing has also undergone updated changes, which gradually adapt to the current needs. Generally speaking, we know that there are two styles of this kind of clothing, one is full-body clothes, and the other is separate clothes. These need to be determined according to the specific use

people must use equipment such as fire fighting clothes in the process of fire fighting, and this fire fighting equipment must have the following characteristics:

1. From the perspective of protection, it must have the following characteristics. In addition, it should also be equipped with: cardboard bursting tester (to measure the bursting resistance of cartons and corrugated cardboard), cardboard compression tester (to measure the ring compression strength of base paper, the edge compression strength and adhesion strength of corrugated cardboard), drying moisture tester, quantitative sampler The water absorption instrument (measuring the sizing degree) has good fire-resistant and heat-resistant characteristics. In addition, it also needs to have strong toughness, which can well prevent sharp objects from damaging it. In addition, the prevention of chemicals is also of great help, with the lowest harm to the human body

2. The overall size of the sample can be designed according to the external temperature and the environment; To achieve the best physical strength and energy

more than a thousand tons of high-pressure polyethylene recycled particles are needed every year. 3. We know that firefighters generally have various actions. If the protective materials do not have enough space for activities, it is certainly not possible. Therefore, when selecting materials for Fire clothing, it also needs to have some flexibility

there are many advantages of layered fire fighting clothing, including flexible activities, etc. However, it is relatively difficult for one-piece clothing in sports, but it has good heat dissipation and low cost, which is very good

finally, let's summarize. When we choose fire-fighting clothes, it is not difficult to find that the current equipment of this kind has been greatly improved, and has made great progress in all aspects compared with the past. As a fire protection project, we have made many changes in the selection of protective equipment. This change has greatly improved the safety of our staff, so it is worth paying attention to

I believe you have seen fire fighting scenes on TV or in daily life. In fact, most friends are quite interested in the fire uniforms worn by their firefighters. Yes, it is because of these protective tools that firefighters have a better chance to complete their tasks safely and smoothly to ensure their own safety. What needs to be explained here is that this fire suit itself has a lot of development, and is more and more suitable for the use of fire work. Now let's talk about this content in detail. I believe that after reading this article, everyone will understand it

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