How to choose sheepskin lamp

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How to choose sheepskin lamp

all sheepskin lamps sold on the market at present are imitation sheepskin (called parchment in the industry), and a layer of film is coated on the sub polymer materials that can form a huge biochemical industry like oil to create an effect. Moreover, as far as lamps and lanterns are concerned, because their manufacturing process is relatively simple and basically homogeneous, the difference is only the difference in shape and brand, which is also the reason for the same style and different brands, but there is a large difference

since parchment can be divided into imported and domestic, most of the better brands of parchment lamps choose imported parchment, which is better in quality than domestic ones, and naturally higher

it is best to choose energy-saving lamps as the source of light with repeated backsliding actions or other serious circumstances. If the surface heat of the bulb is relatively high, it will age and deform the parchment, and it is easy to produce peculiar smell and pollute the environment. You can't just look at the bag material

how to identify sheepskin lamps

first, look at the feel:

two kinds of quality sheepskin paper, the feel is different, the good one feels smoother, the bad one The interface is simple and feels rough

second, look at the flexibility of the material:

the quality of parchment is poor. It is fragile and can be broken when broken, while good parchment is flexible and not easy to tear and break

III. judge the scrub resistance by looking at the coating:

the worse parchment, the coating can be easily lifted and torn off, and such a lamp is not scrub resistant. And many parchment films are relatively solid, and the film and the main body are basically one, which is difficult to uncover, so it can be washed

IV. look at the flammability:

parchment can be ignited with a lighter, but once it leaves the fire source, the worse parchment is still burning and will emit black smoke, while the better ones will be extinguished immediately

in addition, the worse parchment will smell a little plastic after burning, while the better parchment can't smell it, which reflects the difference in environmental protection, which is a very important point

v. high temperature resistance and aging resistance

because the sheepskin lamp with good quality has good flame retardancy, it is not easy to burn without open fire, which makes it have good aging resistance, which is its long-term freshness retention characteristics

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