How to choose refrigeration and fresh-keeping equi

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How to choose refrigeration and fresh-keeping equipment

how to choose and buy Refrigeration and fresh-keeping equipment such as fresh-keeping cabinet, display cabinet, fresh-keeping cabinet of flowers, fresh-keeping display cabinet of food, and the efficiency of Jinan testing machine

● determine the type and quantity of fresh-keeping cabinets according to the type, quantity and site of fresh-keeping products you distribute

● the appearance of food display cabinets is very important for supermarkets. It requires beautiful appearance, luxury and style. In particular, the food placed in the fresh-keeping cabinet should be highly displayed. What stands out in the supermarket is food, not food display cabinets. In addition, we should choose the most popular new style in the world at present. Style. Otherwise, this long-lived product will not be eliminated in style in a few years, which is a pity

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● check whether the price is reasonable? Value for money? The method adopted is not to compare prices according to cabinets of the same size. Because the net inventory volume of cabinets with the same size may be different. Therefore, the scientific method is to compare the net inventory volume, that is, what is the price of each liter

● the energy conservation of products should also be compared. Because saving energy means less and making the pointer point to zero expenditure. Less expenditure means more profit for you. For example, in the field of wind energy

● you should also know the electrical safety of products. Is the electrical insulation reliable? Is the electrical protection complete? Because customers directly touch the product, personal safety is very important (end)

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