How to choose shore hardness tester

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How to choose shore hardness tester

method of selecting shore hardness tester:

1. Shore hardness tester is an instrument used to measure the hardness of substances such as rubber, foam and plastic with relatively low requirements. There are two kinds of pointer type and digital display type in the market, and the models are shore a type, C type and D type

2. Shore a hardness tester is mainly used to measure the hardness of plastics, synthetic rubber and other related chemical products (leather, multi grease, wax, etc.)

3. Shore C2. Different ranges of impact strength tests: type a durometer is used to measure the hardness of rubber and plastic microporous materials made of foaming agent with a stress of more than 0.5kg/c ㎡ when the compression ratio is 50%, and it can also be used for other materials with similar hardness

4, Shao 3, balancing machine (including field balancing instrument); Er D hardness tester is suitable for hardness testing of general hard rubber, hard resin, acrylic, glass, thermoplastic, printed board, fiber and other high hardness materials

5. Buy a shore hardness meter. Body 1 is the economic transformation and development. You can put the needle on a smooth and clean glass. If the displayed value is 100, then this hardness meter is accurate

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