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How to choose the best hot runner

are you sure the hot runner system you are about to purchase is the best for you? Getting in touch with your suppliers as soon as possible is the key to ensure project guarantee

as a mold enterprise, the amount of investment in the early stage of the company has a great impact on saving material costs, shortening the working cycle, whether the computer can operate normally and the overall operation of the whole hot runner system. This requires us to pay attention to hot runner suppliers. Sometimes suppliers are fully capable of providing matching hot runner systems for the killer app system we are about to purchase, even if the system includes restricted gate refrigeration and access systems, corrosive resins and corrosive additives, and one, two or more high-temperature resistant resins for multi-mode processing. Our suppliers can solve these problems

but in fact, this often happens. Even the most common application in hot runner system puts forward special requirements for mechanical equipment and operation. In particular, it involves the available closing height and the factors that your supplier has an impact on your compound flow type, nozzle size, gate type, etc. in the molding system, which are often not provided by traditional purchase methods

"every company is looking for added value. Our suggestion is that you provide more early-stage information for your hot runner supplier, and your company will get more added value and save more expenses", said Martin Baumann, marketing manager of hot runner Department of husky IMS in Milton, Vermont

Martin Baumann is one of the speakers of the husky hot runner International Symposium (IMM). The symposium, held at the National Plastic Museum in lemonstema, Massachusetts, is an important annual hot runner Symposium in North America. The seminar was hosted by Scott Kroeger, head of husky Boston technology center in Westwood, the state. Its main content is to study the influence of customer information on hot runner system. Baumann's title is clear at a glance: "in order to find the most suitable hot runner system, all previous efforts are very necessary"

1 product description

hot runner suppliers like husky have sufficient technical resources to assist buyers in selecting the most suitable hot runner system bs4449-97 (hot rolled steel bars for concrete structures). The first resource is Husky's product standard form (PSF) proposed by Baumann at the seminar. This resource can be used. PSF requires the buyer to fill in the information about resin, parts, processing requirements, mechanical and electrical properties, etc

husky also requires digital, handwritten drawings and all details of parts, even if only one part model is included. Through this information, a variety of forms of design can be carried out

baumann added, "the key question is what do you need these parts for?" Suppliers like husky need customers to provide them with as much information as possible about part descriptions. In this case, the supplier can optimize your hot runner system according to the requirements of the parts. Then husky uses the software of optimal melt path specification to analyze the product standard form information, and then determines the influence of these factors (such as injection time and resin viscosity) on the reduction of pressure, residual time and shear rate

2 weld bead specification

weld bead specification refers to a predictor when plastic passes through the channel. It is often used to detect the defects of system design, such as the pressure drop of hot runner is too large, or the residence time is too long. The weld bead specification does not calculate the compressibility of the plastic, nor does it consider the geometry of the parts. It is only to determine the specification of the weld bead

the information input requirements of melt path specification include resin type, part quality, processing temperature, glue thickness, filling time, mechanical pressure, color change, etc. The software uses this information to determine and optimize the following factors, including the shear rate, runner size, residence time and pressure reduction after various design plans. Through software analysis, the weld bead specification suitable for any weld bead is obtained, and the possible operating system is calculated

taking the shear rate as an example, is it sufficient to minimize the appropriate color change? Or is it sufficient to minimize the processing of heat sensitive resins? The key to solve this problem is to provide accurate information to your suppliers. And this information is useful. This is of great benefit to solving problems, and does not increase the difficulty of daily work

he also stressed that the melt path specification is not part of the flow simulation. Weld bead specification is a prediction of how plastic will pass through the weld bead. The next step is to determine the correct material and thickness for the hot runner. As we all know, different materials have different thermal conductivity. Therefore, whoever adopts the above measures can be in a leading position in the industry

3 material selection of hot runner plate

husky's material selection of hot runner plate (MMS, also known as multi material screening) is based on the selection of hot runner pressure drop, runner design (including the angle and thickness of hot runner plate), filling time, and determination of melt size. So these factors are very important for the design of heater

"the software can predict and simulate the influence of hot runner plate material and heater on temperature under special use conditions," Baumann said. "In addition, we can also use this information to determine the thickness of the hot runner plate, which also directly determines the closure height." Although he emphasized the difference between the material selection (MSc) of Husky's hot runner plate and the flow analysis software, Baumann did not mean that husky could not use the flow analysis software in the hot runner system engineering

at a very low price, MSC provides the most basic services for Moldflow part Advisor (MPA) module, such as part inflation pressure analysis and determination of injection molding time that is helpful to nozzle selection. In addition, the software can also provide services for more advanced Moldflow plastics insigh t (MPI) (injection molding simulation analysis) on May 6. Moldflow part Advisor (MPA) module and Moldflow plastics insight (MPI) (injection molding simulation analysis) are both from Moldflow company

husky provides standard resin testing technology at the technology center in Boston, and the hot runner headquarters in Vermont can solve problems such as gate quality, processing conditions within a certain temperature range of manufacturers specializing in laboratory specific material performance testing instruments and experimental machines, and possible cycle interruption

"in this process, we need to invest a lot of scientific and technological achievements in the early stage, so as to shorten the time of product launch and manufacture better parts," Baumann said. In addition, we also need feedback. The mold system basically covers the food contact materials currently mainly used in China. Manufacturers will say that a certain production process still bothers them, or how advanced hot runner systems are needed for their production

comment: choosing a hot runner system suitable for the development of the company is not only the business of hot runner suppliers, but also the bounden duty of mold manufacturing enterprises. From the perspective of reducing the cost of mold enterprises, this paper expounds that mold enterprises should provide as much information and relevant requirements of parts as possible when selecting the appropriate hot runner system, so as to promote mutual win-win

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