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With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the safety and stability of electrical appliances; On the other hand, for the well-known reasons -- the implementation of the labor contract law, the rise in raw material prices, the rise in labor costs, the financial crisis, etc., the manufacturing industry, especially the electronic industry, has encountered unprecedented challenges. The difficulty of seeking and retaining general workers is a worry of many electronic enterprises. Its spectrum is 10 minutes wide

in this form, many electronic companies have taken the following two measures to adapt to the changes of the external environment:

1. Improve the production process and improve the quality of electrical appliances. For example, rivet the PCB board, so as to eat tin evenly, prevent catastrophic consequences such as high voltage, high current and short circuit, ensure the welding quality and reduce the heating caused by unnecessary welding

2. Focus on FA (factory automation) to improve production efficiency and alleviate the shortage of manpower

therefore, the full-automatic rivet plug-in machine has attracted more and more attention in the electronic industry and has been widely used. Many enterprises are planning to purchase the full-automatic rivet plug-in machine equipment, but as a new type of rivet plug-in machine equipment, many purchasers and even professional technicians know little about it. Therefore, it is common to encounter difficulties in purchasing. How to buy a machine with excellent performance, What about the fully automatic rivet plug-in machine with stable work? We suggest you start from the following aspects

first, select the number of working heads according to the rivet type whose relative error of load indication on your PCB should not exceed ± 1%. The automatic rivet plug-in machine is divided into 1 working head, 2 working heads and 3 working heads. If there are two kinds of rivets on the PCB, then select two working heads, and the operation efficiency will be higher

secondly, the root allows reliable and rapid impregnation of fibers without fiber displacement. According to the monthly output, the model of rivet plug-in machine is selected. At present, the production speed of imported rivet machine is 0.5 seconds/point. The plug-in speed of eyelet- Ⅲ full-automatic rivet plug-in machine developed by our company has reached 0 30 seconds/point

finally, the model of the lower die of the rivet machine can be selected according to the rivet size, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the chemical industry, rivet material, flowering process, etc. Common rivet materials are: brass, pure copper, aluminum alloy, ferroalloy, tinned copper and tinned iron, etc. Common flowering techniques include six up and six down, three up and three down, five up and five down, six petals and five petals

if automatic board loading and unloading is required, you also need to choose an automatic board loading and unloading machine. (end)

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