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John poedsta, an adviser to President Barack Obama of the United States, Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. Ernest Moniz, the Secretary of the United States Department of energy, and Todd Stern, the U.S. special envoy on climate change, jointly announced the resonance between environmental protection organizations and paper enterprises (Part Two)

Jinhai Pulp Paper burns waste to generate electricity through alkali recovery boilers, which is equivalent to saving 700000 tons of standard coal and 2131 tons of sulfur dioxide per year, Reduce the discharge of cod18 million tons and waste water by 200 million tons every year. The tenth issue of the briefing on major pollutant emission reduction of the Ministry of environmental protection pointed out that the wood pulp production line of Hainan Jinhai Pulp factory represents the most advanced pulping process one year ago, with black liquor extraction rate of more than 99% and pulp recovery rate of more than 98%. The secondary biochemical treatment facilities and tertiary treatment devices of the enterprise sewage treatment plant adopt the coagulation sedimentation method for biochemical advanced treatment, so that the COD concentration in the discharged water body can be reduced to about 100mg/l, which is far better than the national pulp sewage discharge standard, and the COD discharge per ton of pulp is 0.15kg

in papermaking, APP strives to minimize water consumption and pollutant emissions. The national sewage discharge per ton of paper is 60 tons, the sewage discharge per ton of APP Jinhai Pulp is 8.65 tons, and the sewage discharge per ton of Jindong paper is less than 7 tons, about 1/8 of the national standard; According to the national regulations, the COD (chemical oxygen demand) emission of paper enterprises per ton of paper is 6kg/ton of paper, and the COD (chemical oxygen demand) emission of APP per ton of paper is 0.61kg/ton of paper, about 1/10 of the national standard

in 2006, the output of paper and paperboard in China was 65 million tons, the consumption of pulp was 59.92 million tons, the discharge of paper industry wastewater was 3.74 billion tons, accounting for 17.98% of the total discharge of industrial wastewater in China, and the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in the discharged wastewater was 1.553 million tons, accounting for 33.6% of the total discharge of industrial COD in China. In 2006, the main engine of APP Jindong paper 2 and microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine adopted the oil cylinder down type, with an output of 2.05 million tons, accounting for about 3.1% of the national output. The output of Jinhai Pulp was 1.2 million tons, accounting for about 1/12 of the national wood pulp output. If pulp enterprises across the country can reach the environmental protection level of app, tens of billions of tons of water can be saved in the paper industry every year, billions of tons of water can be saved in the pulp industry, and the COD emission of the whole industry can be reduced by nearly one million tons

Greenpeace advocacy: start from the source, promote cleaner production of enterprises, and reduce or avoid pollution from every link of production; At the same time, cooperate with governments at all levels to promote the transparency and openness of environmental information and empower the public to monitor environmental issues. App (China) controls pollutants in the production process through production practice, which will increase the internal leakage of the hydraulic system of the universal experimental machine, make the resource consumption index and pollutant emission index in production public, disclose information to the society, make a solemn commitment, and accept social supervision. The advocacy of environmental protection organizations and the behavior of enterprises have formed a harmonious echo in the actions of cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction

China's paper industry has always been a key industry criticized and criticized by environmental protection organizations, and it is also a hot industry of great concern to the public. However, from the harmonious echo of app's green commitment action and Greenpeace's attention to water pollution report, we can feel that our paper enterprises have taken gratifying steps on the road of sustainable development, and the negative behavior of enterprises has become the specific practice of the concept of sustainable development. On the road of sustainable development, we need advocates who speak out, but we need a large number of down-to-earth practitioners and actors like app. Only in this way can we adhere to the concept of sustainable development, practice the concept of sustainable development, and truly realize the harmony of social development

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