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The 79th Education Equipment Exhibition hosted by China Education Equipment Industry Association was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 23 to 25. As a real-time interactive PAAS service provider enabling educational informatization, Sonora Agora was invited to attend the meeting. At the exhibition site, the voice showed three online classroom teaching scene solutions based on the real-time audio and video interaction ability, the interactive recording and broadcasting solutions carrying three classroom applications, and the application of real-time audio and video in intelligent desk lamps, face gates, electronic class cards and other educational hardware devices. Through a full set of educational informatization solutions, it attracted the attention of many information service providers

the sound booth also received the attention of relevant leaders of the industry management department. Shen Yingqi, chairman of the education equipment professional committee of China Association for quality promotion, Zhou Lujun, secretary general, and Wang Guanyu, director of the membership department, also came to the sound booth to learn about the company and product characteristics

On the afternoon of the 24th, Sheng held a real-time interactive theme salon to open new educational outlets at the exhibition site, and invited you Xuegui, vice president and Secretary General of the education information technology branch of China Education Equipment Industry Association, the former curator of Jiangsu audio visual education Museum, and a visiting professor of Nanjing University to attend and guide. At the same time, Qin Botao, deputy general manager of superstar group and President of superstar Group Research Institute, Chen Donghua, chairman of xueleyun, Zhu Benfu, founder of all product AI education, Liu Yufei, director of aopeng education teacher training center, Wang Lin, director of Huanxin solutions, Li Hua, partner of Sonora SVP, Zhao Wei, head of Sonora education informatization, Zheng Changhui, head of Sonora education informatization products and other industry experts were also invited to attend the salon, In the form of keynote speeches and round table forums, we will jointly discuss the new mode of combining real-time interaction with education in the future under the background of educational informatization

you Xuegui, vice president and Secretary General of the education information technology branch of China Education Equipment Industry Association, attended the salon

group photo of salon guests

sound released three classroom solutions to help improve education equity and efficiency

in March last year, the Ministry of Education issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the application of three classrooms, requiring the normalization and on-demand application of three classrooms in primary and secondary schools to be fully realized in 2022. In the construction of the three classrooms, real-time audio and video interaction technology is the foundation of the classroom

Li Hua, partner of Agora SVP, said in his opening speech: in the past year, we have launched three classroom solutions together with all of you, and achieved some preliminary results. Under the national education equity strategy, how to quickly adapt to the new situation and lead the new future requires us to work together to seek change. We hope to break the traditional hardware and policy models with the thinking of interconnection and new technology. We hope to work with you to comply with the requirements of the times, increase investment, quickly iterate, and better launch new products to serve the society in the future, so as to contribute to the national education cause in the new era

Li Hua, partner of Agora SVP

education information service providers can quickly build three classes through various product combinations and preset functional interfaces provided by voice, such as RTC, RTM, interactive whiteboard, real-time recording, crystal ball, etc., coupled with business side development. Zheng Changhui, head of education informatization products at Sonora, said

ZHENG Changhui, head of Agora education information products, aims at the problems of unstable rural teaching network, poor classroom sound field environment, high operation and maintenance costs and the inability of interconnection of different brand equipment in the courier classroom. Sound is based on self built software to define real-time sd-rtn?, Optimize the exclusive network of domestic small and medium-sized cities, remote rural areas and small operators to achieve an end-to-end high-quality transmission rate of 99%. Even in weak cases, it can ensure the real-time classroom interaction

teachers' teaching and research scenes in famous teachers' classrooms are very complex, such as decentralized teaching and research, which are distributed on different occasions; Use diversified hardware such as, pad and PC, as well as WiFi, broadband, dedicated line and other networks. Therefore, the development of famous teachers' classroom needs to have better compatibility and stable high concurrency ability. The sound three classroom solutions can achieve an elastic network architecture, support tens of millions of levels of high concurrency, and optimize the transmission algorithm and packet repair mechanism for weak environments. More importantly, it can support more than 30 framework platforms such as windows, IOS and Android, and adapt to 20000+ mobile terminals

at present, most of the famous school online classes are mainly in the form of CDN on demand and live broadcast. With the increase of the demand for classroom interaction, the teaching scene is gradually transformed into real-time interactive live broadcast. The high-speed live broadcast product of sound can replace the original CDN scheme with high delay, so as to achieve low delay and light interaction. The low code HD product can also reduce the code rate by 50% without changing the subjective image quality, and further narrow the education quality gap between regions, urban and rural areas and between schools

in addition, in order to carry three classroom applications, sound has designed an interactive recording and broadcasting solution. Recording and broadcasting service providers do not need to research from the bottom, but directly realize real-time interaction by calling the interface, and can support windows, Android, Linux and other systems, and adapt to the broadcasting module and recording and broadcasting host of X86, arm, Qualcomm and other platforms. In addition, the hardware solution of sound also extends to educational equipment, such as intelligent desk lamp, electronic class card, electronic gate, etc., which can achieve the adaptation and interconnection of the whole scene

real time interaction is the basic feature of establishing connections between online classroom teachers and students with thousands of varieties, such as tensile testing machine, pressure testing machine, steel bar bending testing machine, shear tearing testing machine, and so on. It is also the guarantee of teaching quality. The launch of the three classroom solutions provides information service providers with real-time audio and video interaction capabilities with high concurrency, high quality and ultra-low delay for classroom construction, ensuring the stability, fluency and interactivity of live interactive learning. Zheng Changhui introduced. At the same time, for information service providers that cannot invest more development energy, sound also provides flexible classes for apaas products, which has most of the front-end common functions of teaching, teaching and research. Service providers only need to connect their own business management background, and can quickly launch a customized, full-featured interactive teaching platform in 15 minutes, saving 90% of development time

real time interactive technology promotes the rapid development of educational informatization

at the salon, the guests shared the construction layout of enterprises in educational informatization and the cooperation with sound in real-time audio and video technology on the themes of new teaching ecology, educational informatization trend, smart campus and so on

the construction of educational informatization cannot be separated from the support of instant messaging. Wang Lin, director of Huanxin solutions, said that instant messaging can realize the communication between teachers and parents, teachers and students, such as question answering, notice issuing, student check-in and other scenes. It can also provide the ability of 10000 people to chat rooms and 10000 people in live classes. As a cloud communication manufacturer, we are constantly optimizing and innovating, such as richer message formats, improving the performance of group chat rooms, the combination of lot and teaching, marketing and use experience, and the educational map of AI. We are deeply cultivating in the fields of agile development and intelligent hardware adaptation, so as to truly achieve the connection between people and business that Huanxin pursues. Last year, the RTE of Huanxin and sound was integrated, which also helped us quickly realize the ability of real-time audio and video interaction in educational scenes such as game based teaching and personalized teaching

Wang Lin, director of Huanxin solutions, takes the micro service platform as the underlying architecture, and has created an integrated teaching solution including intelligent teaching system, examination system, educational administration management system, teaching evaluation system and teaching resource database, which can connect the whole teaching process and support different teaching modes. Qin Botao, deputy general manager of superstar group and President of the Research Institute of superstar group, pointed out that we used to have some live broadcast systems, but they were one-way. During the epidemic last year, with the increasing demand of teachers and students for live classroom interaction, we cooperated with sound to create a real-time interactive live broadcast system superstar classroom. The low latency, high concurrency and stable operation of sound technology services supported our large number of users. It can provide good support for users of basic education, colleges and universities, and online distance education. At the same time, we also incorporated the characteristic modes of teaching scenes in the classroom, such as sign in, voting, testing, etc., which can save the complete teaching track

Qin Botao, deputy general manager of superstar group and President of superstar Group Research Institute

AI intelligence and epidemic speed up the subversion and reshuffle of the education industry. Chendonghua, chairman of xueleyun, believes that in the future, education informatization will show five new trends: teaching, student-based, data-based, centralized acquisition, and purchase service-oriented. Only by breaking the data island and realizing data interconnection can we better build smart teaching. Smart classroom must grow on an interconnected platform. I think the real change in education is not only about reducing teachers' burden, but also about reshaping the evaluation method and changing the teaching mode. At the same time, he also stressed that in a learning link, the evaluation standard of classroom and homework determines the teaching quality of the school. 95% of students' time is spent in classroom and homework. Therefore, to change the teaching quality, we should change the classroom and homework, focus on the data, and establish a 45 minute complete data model for each class from junior one to senior three, The problems of education quality and education equity will be solved by carrying out education informatization work around every class

xueleyun chairman chendonghua

zhubenfu, founder of Quanpin AI education, introduced that educational informatization products are characterized by personalization, heavy service, long decision-making cycle and high dispersion. Quanpin has created a safe smart campus solution and a smart vocational education cloud platform based on its own technological advantages by analyzing the demands of principals, students, teachers, parents and other roles. At the same time, when there is buzzing current sound, this year, with the support of sound, the whole product has further expanded its business scope and created three classroom cloud platforms and urban-rural integration solutions. When talking about the reasons for choosing to cooperate with sound, Zhu Benfu said that the real-time interaction ability of sound is very well combined with our aoxiu strategy. Sound has full functions such as video call, electronic whiteboard, interactive live broadcast, cloud recording system, and supports more than 100 direct recording and broadcasting devices with different interface protocols. It has strong compatibility, strong business support, and fast technical support, which provides a strong guarantee for our products

Zhu Benfu, founder of Quanpin AI education

new changes, new technologies and new opportunities in the education industry

in the final round table session of the salon, guests discussed and exchanged topics such as new changes, new technologies and new opportunities in the education industry in the post epidemic era

for all walks of life, the impact of the epidemic is unprecedented. In the post epidemic era, what new changes have taken place in the education industry? In Chen Donghua's view, the most essential change in the post epidemic era is to make education informatization a rigid demand. As an enterprise with continuous layout in the smart campus, Zhu Benfu said that the acceptance of face recognition technology after the epidemic is relatively high. After the epidemic, everyone began to brush their faces to measure temperature. We provide face brushing to schools

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