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Langley Holdings Co., Ltd. released interim results

July 2013 export growth was stable and improved. On 25th (leitford), Langley Holdings Co., Ltd. today released its interim financial report for the six months ended June 30, 2013. The Group recorded an operating income of 386 million euros. Due to the limited number of manufacturers planning to expand production, the pre tax profit was 40.4 million euros, compared with 39.3 million euros in the same period last year

the net assets of the group increased by 158 million euros in June 2013 compared with the same period last year, reaching 488 million euros. About 100million euros came from the balance sheet of Manroland Pingzhang printing system Co., Ltd., which was included in the group's balance sheet from January

since the Group owned the German printing press manufacturing company in February 2012, the company's business was restructured last year and operated without loss. It is reported that the operations of other departments have reached or are close to the plan, among which the automobile professional company aro is ahead of the plan. As of June 30, the net cash was 274 million euros, and the group has no debt

these six months are the best first half performance of the group so far

about Manroland flat sheet printing system Co., Ltd.

Manroland flat sheet printing system Co., Ltd. () was officially established on February 10, 2012 after British industrialist Tony Langley and Langley Holdings Limited () acquired the popularity of Manroland's market awareness and went deep into the flat sheet Department

MAN Roland learned from Huaibei Municipal Bureau of statistics that flat sheet printing system Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Offenbach, Germany, and has more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide

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