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Oak shares hundreds of millions of creditor's rights for photovoltaic power stations

Jiangxi Saiwei, which is mired in the photovoltaic industry, has become debt paying assets in succession. Oak shares announced today that it would acquire 100% equity of Nanchang Saiwei engineering to offset the consideration of 107million yuan of accounts receivable

in October, Jiangxi Saiwei signed a debt restructuring agreement with Xinda Xincai. Figure 2 (1) 5 (b)] reduced by 1 and increased by 1.5 respectively, and transferred three solar roof power stations at the price of 140million yuan to offset the corresponding amount of accounts payable. In November, because a credit fund of 100million yuan could not be repaid, LDK solar energy technology company was sued by Shanghai Agricultural and Commercial Bank of China, and it was exposed that the supplier's arrears were settled by component products

Oake shares is mainly engaged in crystalline silicon cutting fluid, and Jiangxi Saiwei is its main sales target. However, as the operation of Jiangxi Saiwei gradually entered a dilemma, the huge amount of accounts receivable has become a hidden worry of oak shares. According to the data, the accounts receivable of oak Co., Ltd. in 2011 were 414million yuan, of which the accounts receivable from Jiangxi Saiwei was as high as 146million yuan

on December 4, oak announced that the company signed the equity transfer agreement with LDK photovoltaic technology (Xinyu) Engineering Co., Ltd. to acquire its 100% equity of Nanchang LDK photovoltaic technology Engineering Co., Ltd. After the acquisition, the 5MW Taier Yangneng power station in Houtian desert, Xinjian County, Nanchang City, which was held by Nanchang Saiwei, was controlled and owned by oak

after negotiation, both parties to the transaction determined that the equity transfer price of Nanchang Saiwei was 27.2331 million yuan. In addition, as of October 31, 2012, Nanchang Saiwei net owed Jiangxi Saiwei and its affiliated companies of LDK group a total of 79.7361 million yuan. When the above two parts are added together, the amount payable by oak to Jiangxi Saiwei is 107million yuan

by the end of October, the ability to deal with trade protectionism had been enhanced, and Jiangxi Savi still owed 143 million yuan of matured debt (loan) to oak shares. Represented by engineer Yang Yunan, a key expert in the Economic Research Association, Jiangxi Saiwei and oak agreed to offset the acquisition amount with the above-mentioned part of the matured debt. After offset, Jiangxi Saiwei still owes oak shares 35.5379 million yuan. Zhonghua glass () Department

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