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Kestar cooperates with Guizhou procuratorate to deploy the power supply scheme of interrogation audio-visual system

recently, kestar gp800 series, master series UPS and supporting leak proof liquid safety patented lead-acid batteries won the bid for the application project of synchronous recording and video informatization of Guizhou procuratorial system and checking the coherence of equipment, Kestar will provide professional and reliable power guarantee for the synchronous audio and video recording system of the procuratorates of all counties in Guizhou Province and relevant subordinate institutions under this project agreement, and help Guizhou procuratorates build a digital, scientific, technological and intelligent efficient case handling information platform

with the development of our society, in order to better perform legal supervision, Chinese procuratorial organs have always adhered to the idea of strengthening procuratorial work through science and technology, increased scientific and technological investment, and constantly promoted the informatization process of procuratorial institutions at all levels. The construction of Guizhou Procuratorate's synchronous audio and video recording system in the epidemic prevention and control work is to realize the digital storage of audio-visual materials and remote command of the interrogation through modern technical means and in combination with the network platform built by the procuratorate, so as to improve the efficiency of handling cases. In the equipment bidding, considering the selection of ups and supporting batteries from the aspects of reliability, availability, manageability, and use and maintenance costs, kestar won the bidding successfully with its comprehensive leading strength, rich project case experience in the domestic public security inspection and law system and good user reputation

the relevant person in charge of kestar said that at present, the competition in the UPS market has focused on the comprehensive strength and brand influence. What is your understanding of the belt tension machine? The following editor will introduce the maintenance methods and functional characteristics of the belt pulling machine, especially in the government procurement market. Strong product performance, perfect program execution ability, excellent service ability and good brand reputation are indispensable. Only those enterprises with stable advantages in comprehensive strength and reputation are the real winners in this market. Kestar, together with Guizhou Procuratorate, will provide power products and technical support services for the provincial synchronous audio and video recording system this time. Kestar has another outstanding performance in the market expansion of the procuratorial system. Once again, it shows that KSTAR has successfully found a competitive strength in the response point project that can succeed under the pressure of greenhouse

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