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Hengshui environmental law enforcement not only checks problems, but also sends "understanding paper"

release date: Source: China Environment News

in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, from the urban area to the countryside, from dawn to midnight, you can see the busy and struggling law enforcement officers of Hengshui ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement detachment

the Hengshui comprehensive law enforcement detachment of ecological environment won the honorary title of "outstanding collective in the large-scale training of ecological environment protection and law enforcement" for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. Since 2019, a total of 21 environmental law enforcement officers in Hengshui have won national and provincial commendations and awards. Recently, this law enforcement team was rated as the advanced collective of Hebei ecological environment system striving to be "a civil servant collective striving for people's satisfaction"

they conscientiously solved the hot and difficult issues concerned by the masses, severely attacked the illegal sewage discharge enterprises with excellent professional ability and action, and insisted on enthusiastic service for law-abiding enterprises. High molecular materials are in the transition from development and expansion to industrial maturity, providing a strong guarantee for the improvement of Hengshui's ecological environment quality and economic and social development

treat pollution according to law and "zero tolerance" for environmental violations

"let's analyze several situations, one of which may be because of rain and the urban sewage is discharged, and the other may be..." outside the Hengshui sewage treatment plant, huojidong, the full-time Deputy Secretary of Hengshui Ecological Environment Bureau, and Liu Xuguang, the head of the comprehensive law enforcement detachment, led law enforcement officers to draw a road map with stones with the help of the light of a flashlight, Analyze the possible causes of water quality exceeding the standard one by one

this is a scene in the joint monitoring center of Hengshui ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement detachment, which carried out night raids on the outfall of the sewage treatment plant and deployed monitoring points at 12 a.m. on July 7, 2019

in order to thoroughly investigate the source of river pollution and continuously improve the quality of water environment, since the early morning of July 5, 2019, Hengshui ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement detachment has conducted a surprise inspection on the outer ring section of Fuyang Hebei. Through the continuous all-weather inspection and monitoring by law enforcement personnel, the water quality of Fuyang River in Hengshui City has been restored to normal and continued to improve

in the past year, Hengshui ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement detachment took the lead in accurately controlling pollution. Through scientific decision-making and identifying the target direction, it took the industrial enterprises with large pollutant emissions in each county (city, district) as the focus of law enforcement, implemented "one county, one policy", implemented "anatomical" law enforcement industry by industry, and improved the pertinence of law enforcement

Hengshui City innovated the form of law enforcement, coordinated the city's law enforcement forces, and continuously carried out 11 special actions such as the special inspection of atmospheric environment law enforcement in autumn and winter, the "blue water 2019" environmental law enforcement special action, the volatile organic compounds Environmental Law Enforcement Assistance action, and the blue sky defense month special law enforcement action in the form of mixed grouping, remote law enforcement, and cross inspection. Through special actions, the high-pressure situation against illegal enterprises has been maintained, and the problem of "local protection and law enforcement soft" has been eliminated to the greatest extent

in 2019, Hengshui City issued 2828 administrative punishment decisions, with an administrative punishment amount of 90.5178 million; In the first half of 2020, there were 976 cases of administrative penalties for plastic materials strike in the city, with a penalty amount of 27.6445 million, providing a strong guarantee for the continuous improvement of the ecological environment quality of the city

serve the enterprise and help the enterprise improve its governance level

"the ecological environment department should not only supervise and inspect, but also provide assistance and guidance to solve problems." Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, in order to continue to promote economic development, Liu Xuguang has a clear "map" of the resumption of work enterprises in his heart. "We guide enterprises to resume production and operation according to the production process and production and sewage nodes of different industries, and help enterprises immediately rectify the environmental safety problems and hidden dangers found in the investigation to prevent 'sick' production."

Hengshui Ecological Environment Bureau has made an "understanding paper" on how to scientifically and reasonably formulate a plan for resumption of work and production. Law enforcement officers should issue "understanding paper" for the precautions for resumption of work and production to each enterprise, and guide enterprises and catering service units to make various preparations before resumption of work and production. At the same time, carry out "physical examination" assistance actions to help enterprises (units) find all kinds of environmental problems, guide and urge them to complete the rectification quickly, and ensure that the "green" return to work meets the emission standards

up to now, Hengshui Ecological Environment Bureau has guided 6046 enterprises in the city to resume work and production, found 356 environmental problems, and has guided and assisted all enterprises (units) to rectify in place

in fact, such assistance and guidance have formed a "tradition" in Hengshui ecological environment comprehensive law enforcement detachment. In order to minimize the occurrence of environmental violations by enterprises, in 2019, Hengshui City compiled and completed the environmental compliance guidelines for enterprises in 25 key industries in the city, so that enterprises can make targeted rectification, and realize the normalization and standardization of assistance

change "enterprises look for policies" to "policies look for enterprises". Hengshui Ecological Environment Bureau actively organized and carried out the theme practice activity of "10000 environmental protection cadres enter 10000 enterprises and help improve the level of environmental governance". Through on-site visits, forums, law enforcement inspections and other forms, send "policies" into enterprises and parks, and achieved good results. Up to now, Hengshui eco-environmental system has provided assistance to 836 enterprises (Times), found 24 hidden dangers of various environmental problems, and provided 460 effective assistance measures

in order to further improve the efficiency of assistance, huojidong, the full-time Deputy Secretary of Hengshui Ecological Environment Bureau, said that Hengshui will improve the working mechanism, establish a policy push mechanism, sort out all kinds of latest policies every month, regularly update the list of enterprise policies, push them to enterprises in a timely manner, and normalize the work of "policies looking for enterprises". At the same time, establish a problem-solving mechanism, improve the tracking mechanism of "problem collection - distribution - feedback - Supervision - cancellation", implement dynamic list management, strengthen analysis, research and judgment, improve the level of governance, and enhance the effect of assistance

On May 25 this year, the environmental law enforcement personnel in Anping County, Hengshui City found in their daily inspection that a silk processing enterprise plant had been completed without going through the environmental assessment procedures, which was a typical environmental violation of "building before approval", and should be subject to administrative punishment of 1% to 5% of the total investment of the project according to law

when he first heard the news of being punished, the person in charge of the enterprise was stunned, "I thought the enterprise was going to end and the loss was too great."

after learning about the situation of the enterprise, liuhongbo, director of Anping County branch of Hengshui Ecological Environment Bureau, believed that the production equipment in the plant of the enterprise involved had not been purchased, and the construction had been stopped, which did not cause the consequences of environmental pollution, which was in line with the first item of the list of minor environmental violations that Hengshui ecological environment bureau did not impose administrative punishment according to law, which was just issued this year. Accordingly, the environmental law enforcement personnel of Anping County not only did not impose administrative punishment on the enterprise, but actively helped the enterprise improve procedures

this is an epitome of Hengshui's implementation of precise supervision and assistance to enterprises. Through precise supervision and standardized exercise of the discretion of administrative punishment, Hengshui City has made contributions to the economic and social stability and healthy development of Shandong raw material industry while ensuring the quality of the ecological environment, conscientiously implementing the decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee and the provincial Party committee and the provincial government

it will disturb law-abiding enterprises and severely punish illegal enterprises. Since this year, Hengshui has fully implemented the positive list system of environmental supervision and law enforcement. At present, a total of 271 enterprises in the city have been included in the positive list of environmental supervision, and 138 enterprises have been included in the positive list of law enforcement

for the enterprises listed in the two lists, Hengshui City has been highly praised by the enterprises by reducing the frequency of on-site law enforcement and inspection and reducing the interference to the production activities of the enterprises by adopting the forms of remote law enforcement through science and technology

Huo Jidong said, "Hengshui will promote the normalization of the positive list system, implement dynamic adjustments to the enterprises in the list, and guide the enterprises outside the list to carry out upgrading and transformation. At present, more enterprises will strive to be included in the positive list."

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