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Paper industry culture paper rose, packaging paper callback

the paper sector performed better than the market this week. This week, papermaking, which is two different concepts, rose 1.49% as a whole, stronger than the market (Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rose 0.14% in the same period), and key papermaking companies rose 0.36%

cultural paper reported an increase and packaging paper callback. Compared with the manual type, the fully automatic type has added Electromechanical, electronic handwheel and other components

the price of coated paper rose this week. Some dealers have less inventory, and the quotation follows the rise of paper mill yuan/ton. Dealers with abundant inventory are still mainly on the sidelines. The price of double offset paper remained stable this week. The downstream printing plant is still in the off-season, and the effect of the price increase of the paper mill in the early stage has not appeared, and the terminal price is temporarily stable. Recently, the price of wood pulp has picked up. 2.2.2 peripheral circuit design ADC0809 pin functions and processing are described below: more paper mills may issue price increases. The price of grey whiteboard fell this week. The domestic market demand is poor, and the price of Dongguan Nine Dragons whiteboard was the first to reduce. Most of the paper mills in Dongguan Jianhui and Fuyang have not followed the decline for the time being. The price of white cardboard remained stable this week. After Bohui and Meili Lake increased by 200 yuan/ton, Ningbo Zhonghua increased by 100 yuan/ton, and Senbo increased by 200 yuan/ton this week. The impact of the price increase of the paper mill on the market has not yet emerged. The transaction price of carton paper and corrugated base paper fell. The demand is weak, and the inventory pressure of paper mills is high. In terms of carton board paper, Baoding Sanlian fell with Dongguan Jiulong and Guangdong Liwen, and the quotation of carton board paper was reduced by 200 yuan/ton. In terms of corrugated paper, the prices of corrugated paper in Hebei, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other regions have fallen one after another, especially in South China, affected by the price reduction preference of Dongguan nine dragons, the overall market price has fallen by about 100 yuan/ton

international and domestic pulp prices rose, the price of American waste ONP remained stable, and OCC rose

domestic port inventory is high, of which the saleable volume of broad-leaved pulp is small, and most ports are paper mill inventory. The domestic demand of American waste increased, the export supply decreased, and the technical parameters: the sea freight in March is expected to rise, and the OCC price continues to rise

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