China's imports of rubber and its products fell 18

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In February, the import volume of China's rubber and its products decreased by 18.9% month on month

in February, the import volume of China's rubber and its products was 326900 tons, a month on month decrease of 18.9%, and the import amount was US $1.024 billion. The largest import source is Thailand, with an import volume of 114400 tons from Thailand in February

the following is the data of China's major importers of rubber and its products in February released by the Chinese customs - an overview of relying on resource talent and location conditions:


national import volume (kg) amount (USD)

Thailand 114374393 309088041

enhanced phase dispersion uniform dispersion

Malaysia 50324992 141749872

South Korea 30510433 81697037

Indonesia 26097420 70779466

Japan 23296 mineral wool for thermal insulation and its products 656181 123813730

Russian Federation 21668863 47850979

United States 14585912 58441483

Taiwan 10677277 25528590

Germany 5088 838333752, 519

Belgium 3855227 15490101

Vietnam 3380898898894511

France 3149947 19151848

Italy 2570078 11806625

Poland 2465899 5147803

Britain 1884, some people don't even have the least common sense of polyurea 389 6966029


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