The hottest paper jams use silicone for anti-skid

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The use of silica gel for paper jam is conducive to anti-skid treatment

a thin and transparent silica gel coating is coated on the surface of paper or paper jam, which is conducive to increasing the coefficient of surface friction (COF). The advantages of this mature treatment method are: improving friction to obtain a higher sliding angle; The effect of friction makes the winding shaft slip or compression eliminated during winding; Increase the number of dyeing points on the surface of the paper to improve the printing performance

friction is an important property of paper and paperboard. Copy paper needs constant friction, while paper bags and cartons need high friction. The friction coefficient affects the slip angle. The increasing trend of the unstable slip angle is consistent with the increase of the number of regenerated fibers. The reduction of friction coefficient is attributed to the shortening of fibers and the involvement of pollutants in the recycling of paper and paperboard. For example, different "extracts have different effects on the slip angle of the end product. In general, the main extract that makes the vehicle out of balance is the long carbon chain, saturated carbon chain, and polar groups will reduce the friction coefficient. These may be integrated in the production of paper and paperboard, which of course depends on the fiber source and product performance


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