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The paper machine equipment is in place, and the first phase of Lulin paper industry is expected to be put into operation in November. The 700000 ton paper project of Lulin paper industry in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province is an expansion project of Lulin paper industry, with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan and an area of 750 mu. After being completed and up to standard, it is the largest recycled paper manufacturer in Jiangxi Province

after reaching the production standard, the project can realize the main business income of more than 3 billion yuan and the tax of more than 150 million yuan. The project is a key large-scale project of the paper industry in Jiangxi Province. Phase I construction covers an area of more than 550 mu. In addition to the papermaking production line, there are also the Ministry of heat and power, sewage treatment plants, water purification stations, raw and auxiliary materials and finished products warehouses, office and living facilities and other supporting facilities. The preparatory land for phase II construction is 200 mu, and the construction will begin after the completion of phase I. The first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed in November 2020


I. infrastructure: about 85% has been completed. Among them, the civil works of the papermaking workshop, pulping workshop that breaks down or presses the stop switch during the test process, automatic warehouse, manual warehouse, machine repair workshop, hardware spare parts warehouse, main raw material warehouse, thermal power plant workshop, sewage treatment and other workshops have been completed

① the paper machine equipment foundation is under secondary concrete pouring

② about 83% of the fire water pipes of the Ministry of heat and power have been installed

II. Equipment installation: all the equipment of the paper machine production line are in place, and the installation has been completed about 87%. At present, the installation of the flow system, the speed introduction of various pipeline tensile testing machines and the automatic control are under way

4. Experimental machines with accuracy of 0.5 and 1 levels ① about 78% of the heat supply pipeline construction of the Ministry of heat and power has been completed

② about 18% of the ventilation system pipes in the paper department have been installed

③ about 78% of the guide rollers of the cadre body of the papermaking department have been installed

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