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The paper market welcomes the rising tide of prices, and the stock price of industry leaders has reached a new high.

release date: Source: Securities Times

the paper market has ushered in a new round of large factories taking the lead in raising prices. Liwen, Shanying, Rongcheng, Jingxing and other paper giants have participated in raising prices. It is reported that since mid February, the current base paper factory has completed four rounds of price increases, with the cumulative increase generally as high as 500-600 tons, and the highest has exceeded 1000 tons. After this sharp rise, the price of paper has risen by 30% - 50%

shortage of raw materials, recent sharp rise in paper prices

from the price adjustment letters and customer notification letters recently issued by paper enterprises, it is not difficult to find that the words such as tight supply of raw materials and rising costs are frequent. According to the price adjustment letter issued by Shandong Yongtai Paper Co., Ltd. on February 25, due to the shortage of raw materials and the impact of rising costs, it was decided to uniformly increase the company's product price by 300/ton from February 26 on the recheck of the installation accuracy of the experimental machine on the original basis

insiders said that the main reasons for the recent rise in paper prices were: first, the epidemic affected the purchase of waste paper, resulting in a tight supply of waste paper as raw materials; Second, the situation of resumption of work is not ideal due to the return of paper-making enterprises and logistics after the festival, which affects production capacity

in terms of demand, express delivery and logistics industries have resumed construction, and the demand for packaging paper in e-commerce and other industries has gradually resumed. At the same time, some cardboard and carton factories began to replenish inventory. According to the Jiangsu Provincial Postal Administration on February 25, all brand delivery enterprises in Jiangsu Province have resumed production, and the average daily pickup and delivery volume has gradually climbed to more than 90% of the business volume in the same period last year

the boom of the paper industry is expected to continue

Huachuang Securities said that due to the impact of the epidemic, the recycling of waste paper in the upstream packaging station has been significantly affected. At present, the domestic recycling volume of waste paper is limited, while the import of overseas waste paper is limited by the amount of imported waste paper, and the overall lack of raw materials of enterprises is serious. Due to the lack of raw materials, the operating rate of the paper mill is low. In addition, as the downstream enterprises resume production and work one after another, it is expected that the rise in paper prices due to the tension at the supply side will continue. In addition, the logistics in some regions has not yet fully recovered, and the transportation of waste paper and finished paper has been affected to a certain extent, and the industry boom is still expected to maintain

Everbright Securities believes that the impact of the epidemic on the demand for cultural paper will appear in a short period of time (3) installing a spherical lower platen on the platen. This year's peak season of cultural paper will be postponed, and the landing time of the price rise letter of paper price will also be postponed. However, due to the rigidity of the demand for cultural paper, there is no need to worry about the subsequent demand, so the price rise in the peak season is still expected

the share price of listed paper companies has changed, and the industry leader has reached a new high.

under the catalysis of the rising price tide, the share price of A-share listed paper companies has changed recently. The paper sector rose 2.22% yesterday, and Qingshan Paper Rose by the limit; Jingxing paper, Bohui paper, meiyingsen, Songyang resources and Yibin Paper increased by more than 3%; Industry leader Sun paper rose 1.8% yesterday, with its latest share price hitting a one-year high

since the Spring Festival, the paper sector has increased by 11.37%, far exceeding the Shanghai index in the same period. Meiliyun, Zhongshun jierou, Yinge investment, Cairn shares, sun paper, Qingshan Paper, meiyingsen and others increased by more than 10%. The largest increase was in meiliyun, with a cumulative increase of 30.54% during the period

from the performance data, the overall performance of the paper industry last year was average. According to the lower limit of annual report, express report and forecast net profit, the net profit of Qifeng new material, caien shares, Guanhao high tech, Zhongshun jierou, Xianhe shares and meiyingsen increased by more than 30% last year. Qifeng new material's net profit increased the most. The company's performance express showed that last year's net profit was 133million, a year-on-year increase of 127.43%. Sun paper, Jingxing paper, Shanying paper, Yibin Paper, Shunhao shares, silver dove investment, etc. declined to varying degrees

the industry leader Sun paper released its performance gb/t 196 ⑵ 003 basic size express of ordinary rib on the evening of February 27. The company's net profit last year was 2.186 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 2.33%. CSC Securities believes that the net profit of the company in the fourth quarter was 700million, with a year-on-year increase of 60.65%, and the performance is in line with expectations

from the perspective of valuation level, the rolling P/E ratio of six paper stocks is less than 20 times, including Shanying paper, Huatai shares, Rongsheng environmental protection, Chenming paper, Guangdong Ganhua, etc. Shanying paper has the lowest P/E ratio, only 7.57 times. Shanying paper is mainly engaged in the production and sales of carton board paper, corrugated base paper, cardboard and cartons, as well as foreign waste paper trade business. According to the performance forecast of Shanying paper in early February, the net profit of last year is expected to be 1.442 billion to 1.762 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 45% to 55%. Shanying paper said that in the fourth quarter of last year, the company's domestic corrugated box board business had a good momentum, and the sales price and gross profit margin were higher than those in the third quarter. However, factors such as the floating RMB exchange rate at the end of the year and the fluctuation of the stock price of the joint-stock companies, and the shutdown and technical reform of its subsidiary Nordic paper in the fourth quarter also had a certain negative impact on the performance of the fourth quarter

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