The hottest paper makes the door leaking seriously

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Serious water seepage in paper doors, developers say because there is no national standard

serious water seepage in paper doors. Developers claim that there is no national standard

June 8, 2013

[China paint information] recently, more than 300 villagers' resettlement houses in shenzhuang village, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, were exploded, resulting in serious quality problems: water leakage and serious seepage in the houses, indoor doors made of "paper", large cracks on the roofs of some indoor houses, and some of them lack air-conditioning racks

the field investigation found that these problems do exist, so why are there many problems in the resettlement housing that should be a place to reassure the people? Has the project passed the completion acceptance? How are the relevant regulatory units regulated

new resettlement housing: water leakage, roof cracks, paper doors

came to room 1811, building 11, which was assigned by jiaoshumin, a villager in shenzhuang. As soon as he entered the door, he smelled the smell of humidity and mildew. The roof of the living room of the room was almost completely wet, and many coatings had fallen off, and there were black spotted mildew spots around the wet area

"on May 4, I got the key and came to see the house. As soon as I opened the door, I saw that the roof was leaking. After that, it had been leaking. A week later, it became moldy. Why did the new house get 'gonorrhea and mildew', and there was no water in the bathroom upstairs? Why did it leak like this below? We suspected that the concealed pipe buried upstairs was leaking," Jiao Shumin said

in songfuming's room, a villager in building 2, I saw a hole in the middle of the roof of the living room“ ×” The zigzag crack almost covered the whole roof, "I found it when I was redecorating, and I was shocked. Such a big crack might collapse one day. Who dares to live?" The owner songfuming said

according to the survey of many households, the phenomenon of water leakage in houses is relatively common, and many villagers have traces of hammer landing on their roofs. The main component of this kind of film is chitosan. Statistics show that more than 90% of the toilets in these resettlement houses leak

another problem reported by the villagers is the installation of poor quality indoor doors. The villagers broke a door on site. The shell of the door is made of a thin layer of paper pulp, which is filled with some honeycomb fillers made of paper. The lighter can burn easily with a little click

villagers believe that such a door has fire hazards, and it is easy to deform when the water is wet. On the contrary, it cannot be closed or tightly closed

according to the survey, in addition to the problems of water leakage, cracks in the roof of individual houses and doors, the cracks in the apron slope and the building body of two buildings are easy to cause the problem of water pouring into the foundation. There are also problems such as the falling of tiles on the outer wall of individual buildings, the lack of air conditioning racks in many rooms, the lack of elevators, and the small doorway space

it is understood that the resettlement housing project is part of the urban village reconstruction project of shenzhuang village, and the clearance time is very short. The demolition and reconstruction began in September 2007, and the distribution of houses began at the end of 2012. The villagers were allocated a total of about 280000 square meters of houses, most of which are used for rent except for self occupation. Now, the villagers say that most of the houses have been built, but they are still renting out. They can't rent the extra houses at all, and some can't live for two days. It's too annoying

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