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With the chip import rate of more than 90%, China's household appliances are facing a strategic crisis

recently, domestic and foreign household appliance manufacturers have launched smart appliances, and some people believe that 2013 will be the outbreak year of smart appliances. What changes are hidden in the intelligent era of home appliance industry? How should enterprises win the initiative in the era of intelligence? Economic information daily interviewed luoqingqi, an expert on household appliance industry, on this issue. Recently, home appliance manufacturers at home and abroad have launched smart appliances, and some people believe that 2013 will be the outbreak year of smart appliances. What changes are hidden in the intelligent era of home appliance industry? How should enterprises win the initiative in the era of intelligence? Economic information daily interviewed luoqingqi, an expert from Shanghai Industrial Business Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizer of the household appliance industry

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economic reference: Recently, domestic and foreign home appliance manufacturers have launched smart appliances, from smart TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and other products to smart homes. How do you see the current intelligent trend of the home appliance industry

Luo Qingqi: judging from the development trend, the intellectualization of household appliances is a great progress of society. The intelligence of household appliances makes it possible for people to talk with household appliances and between household appliances, which promotes the free flow of data between different items and greatly expands people's information and behavior boundaries. At the same time, the upgrading of product technology will also promote the shift of the focus of industrial competition, from the original product competition to the core component competition in the background. This new competition rule is a new challenge for global household appliance enterprises

Economic Information Daily: various signs show that intelligence Home appliances are a big cake. How can enterprises grab the cake of smart home appliances

Luo Qingqi: from the perspective of product status, traditional household appliances are isolated islands. In addition to color TVs connected to wired signals, other household appliances are in an isolated and silent state. Now to make these household appliances talk to each other and communicate with each other, two major components are essential: processing chips, which are the brain of intelligent household appliances, and software, which is the operation interface of intelligent household appliances. In this way, on the surface, smart home appliances are competing, but in essence, the chips and operating systems behind them are competing. If an enterprise cannot dominate these two parts, no matter how large the manufacturing scale is, it is also a pile of building blocks that blow down. Therefore, in the era of intelligence, whoever has the key core components will have a more competitive advantage

Economic Information Daily: from the perspective of global industrial competition, the smart home appliance industry has been surging, and what kind of competition pattern will domestic home appliance enterprises face

Luo Qingqi: we can look at a set of data first: according to statistics, the cost of imported chips in China reached 165billion US dollars in 2012, more than 120billion US dollars of imported oil. Chips are the country's industrial grain, and China spends more than the amount of imported oil to import chips every year, with an import rate of more than 90%. Domestic enterprises are facing a huge strategic crisis in the era of intelligence. Under the background that chips and operating systems cannot be independently developed, even if enterprises launch a variety of intelligent terminals, they still cannot control the right to define products and industrial discourse, and are always at the end of the industry. Even if they enter the era of intelligence, they are also wage earners wearing smart jackets that are expected to carry out most of the manufacturing process at room temperature

Economic Information Daily: we found that among the national household appliance enterprises, only a few enterprises such as Changhong have been engaged in the research and development of chips and operating systems, and other enterprises have chosen to import directly. What do you think of this phenomenon? Luo Qingqi: chip and operating system industries have large investment and long cycle, and cannot achieve immediate results. However, for domestic enterprises, it is not easy to do anything, but the key to do what. The real competitiveness of enterprises lies not in the accumulation of quantity, but in the breakthrough of industrial strategic structure. From the perspective of the global industrial competition pattern, foreign enterprises are engaged in the development of chips and operating systems, while domestic enterprises are mainly engaged in the development and manufacturing of complete machine products. Only a handful of enterprises can get through the chip, operating system, core components and complete machine manufacturing all over the world

in fact, there is a strong synergy between core technology development and machine development. The former provides technical support for the latter, while the latter provides market guarantee for the industrialization of the former. What the two bring is not a superposition effect, but a multiplier effect. Enterprises like Changhong, which are engaged in both chip and operating system research and development and machine manufacturing, will gradually release their competitiveness with the intelligent upgrading of the household appliance industry, which will not only enhance the competitiveness of intelligent terminals, but also enhance the global competitiveness of core components, which is a real industrial upgrading

Economic Information Daily: according to media reports, last year, Changhong developed the intelligent home appliance operating system Xuanyuan tvos, and the recently self-developed panel dedicated chip PDC has been mass produced. How do you see the significance of self-developed core components

Luo Qingqi: we can't look at the research and development of a component in isolation. Chinese enterprises can independently research and develop operating systems and chips, which shows that we have broken through the last ceiling of the intelligent era and play a leading role in the definition of future products and the direction of the industry. More importantly, through the research and development of these two core components, Chinese enterprises have a complete technological innovation system, that is, the research and development platform for home appliance operating systems and chips. On this platform, leading talents, technical patents and other elements are gathered, which can continuously produce more leading products. If we don't have this platform, we will completely rely on others. What really scares competitors is not the success of oneortwo product research and development, but a set of self reproduction ecosystem

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