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An'e paper mill in Guangdong Province was shut down

not long ago, Guangdong Province punished an'e paper mill, which idled treatment facilities and secretly discharged sewage, and ordered it to shut down immediately

an'e paper mill is located in an'e Town, Xinyi City, a mountainous town at the junction of Guangdong and Guangxi. It is about 10 kilometers away from the artificial cultivation town in the laboratory of water in Cenxi City, Guangxi. It was founded in 1958. After two expansions, the designed annual production capacity is 12000 tons, while the current annual production capacity is about 5000 tons. It is understood that the factory is a local pillar enterprise, and the annual tax payment accounts for about 40% of the financial revenue of an'e town

Since the establishment of the factory, an'e paper mill has often secretly discharged sewage. At the end of last year, the factory built a sewage treatment plant to cope with the inspection, and the sewage was treated and discharged up to the standard. However, the good times are not long. In order to save costs, since April this year, the paper mill has idled the sewage treatment facilities and secretly discharged sewage without permission, which refers to one of the opposite characteristic parameters of the experimental machine. After the environmental protection department found it, Jiahe imposed a fine of 10000 yuan on it and asked it to stop business for rectification

at the scene, it was seen that papermaking wastewater was slowly flowing into the wastewater pond and small river bay adjacent to the workshop, and the medium and long-term idle sewage treatment equipment of the factory had just begun to operate when the inspection team came. All this happened during the period when the factory should not have been closed for rectification

due to the pollution of an'e paper mill, the only water source in Zhusha Town, which is more than ten kilometers downstream of an'e Town, Zhusha River, is no longer drinkable, and the residents of the town have to spend more than 500000 yuan to divert water from a distance. Pollution has also seriously affected the sandy soil in Zhusha town. Due to the development of sandy soil containing alkali, the sustainable material process is too high, and several businessmen who want to invest have retreated; Experts have now urged the reconstruction of the zhushahe bridge on national highway 207 because it was built with polluted river sand. In Shuishui Town, Cenxi City, villagers are complaining. The Huanghua River, which was once crystal clear, is now filthy

under the questioning of, the boss of an'e paper mill told the truth. According to the normal sewage treatment procedure, the treatment fee of each ton of wastewater is about two yuan, while the factory discharges 2000 ~ 2800 tons of sewage every day. Such a huge treatment expenditure is difficult for small paper mills to pay

in this regard, Xinyi Municipal People's Congress and the municipal government said that they would close an'e paper mill in accordance with the law, and try to change the factory into a bamboo and wood processing plant, so as to make use of the local rich bamboo and wood resources to develop the bamboo weaving and wood industry. Xinyi Power Supply Bureau cut off the power supply of an'e paper mill on the spot

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