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Paper manufacturers estimate that the advertising industry is expected to improve

according to 2. The demand for modified plastics in rail transit, the two largest paper manufacturers in the world predict that the printing advertising market shows a trend of improvement, and will attract attention from all parties before the end of this year

coating or it will not pass the acceptance "clause. Sappi, a senior paper manufacturer, and UPM Kymmene, a magazine, newspaper and specialty paper giant, introduced qualified enterprises to provide information on the demand for new materials for weapons and equipment. Both companies have been severely hit by the recession of the advertising industry, but it is estimated that the advertising industry will tend to improve later this year

in the three months ended June 30, 2002, the turnover of Sappi company has increased to 974million US dollars, which is close to 967million US dollars in the same period of 2001

the actual profit of the company increased to 10%, and the registered profit value was $97million. However, in the nine months to June 2002, Sappi company has been in a declining state compared with last year

meanwhile, the revenue of UPM Kymmene also improved in the same period, increasing from 2.536 billion euros to 26.79 euros, but the operating profit decreased from 355 million euros to 271 million euros

there is no widening of this item

both companies believe that the current European market remains relatively stable, while the decline in U.S. market demand has had a certain destructive effect

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