Decoration of the study of Feng Shui

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The backer of the study

transparent glass curtain architecture is a popular trend. However, as the host of a career or the executor of major decisions, the seat must not be backed by glass. This situation without backing is the taboo of operators, which will inevitably damage the development of wealth and career. Similarly, in your study, you should also avoid the situation of backless, especially for students in primary and secondary schools, the back of desk seats should be arranged against the wall, so as to basically avoid the occurrence of backless

corner brake of the study

for the desk near the window, pay attention to the sharp corners shot into other houses within 10 meters outside the window. The farther the distance between the sharp corners is, the smaller the impact is, and the closer the impact is, the greater the impact is.

beam capping

the desk also taboo beam capping. If it is unavoidable, ceiling panels should also be installed to block it. Of course, the beam should not be pressed on the top of the person sitting or on the desk, otherwise the business will inevitably be difficult, which will affect the physical health and mental state

Every study should have windows, because rooms with windows have ideal air and light, so it is better to have windows in the study. But please note that the window of the study is not suitable for the desk, because it is not suitable to study at home. Aside from Feng Shui, in terms of the environment, when the desk is facing the window, people are easily distracted by the scenery outside the window, and it is difficult to concentrate on their work, which has a particularly serious impact on teenagers who have not yet been identified. Therefore, in order to improve their attention when studying, parents should avoid aligning their desks with the windows

the color of Wenchang star

the color of the study should be matched according to each person's different fortune telling and different house phases of each house. If you are interested, you can refer to the column of the house selection method of the eight House School. Here, let's talk about some simple rules. I think the color of the study should be mainly light green. This is mainly because Wenchang star (some are called Wenqu star), the five elements belong to wood, so the color of wood, that is, green, should be adopted, which will help flourish Wenchang star. In addition, apart from Feng Shui, in terms of physical hygiene alone, green has a protective effect on eye vision, which is very suitable for eyes who are tired of reading and has an eye nourishing effect

of course, this is the most basic statement, which is equivalent to constellations and zodiac signs. If strictly speaking from the perspective of Feng Shui, it should be based on the eight House School Feng Shui

the eight character mantra of the bookcase

about the placement of the bookcase, I think as long as you remember the following eight character mantra, the desk should be placed in an auspicious position, and the bookcase should be placed in an unlucky position to suppress evil

study that is difficult to gather Qi

any room would rather be small and elegant than large and inappropriate. Some homes with spacious homes set up a large study. In fact, it is difficult to concentrate on reading or writing in such a study, because gathering Qi is one of the basic principles of Feng Shui. In such a large study, it is difficult to achieve gathering Qi, and it is inevitable that the spirit will be scattered. Moreover, if you are a boss or manager, planning strategies in such a large study will greatly hinder the development of your career, Don't be careless





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