It's not difficult to save money in decoration. Th

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50000 yuan to decorate a house, of which at least 20000 yuan is the expenditure of purchasing main materials. The quotation of the decoration company is almost fixed, so the key to saving money in decoration is how to buy main materials

decorative materials in decoration are divided into two categories: main materials and auxiliary materials. Main materials refer to finished materials, finishing materials and some structural materials in decoration, such as finished doors, tiles, sanitary wares, lamps, wood floors, decorative panels, stones, etc; Auxiliary materials refer to auxiliary materials in decoration, such as paint, glue, hardware, gun nails, wood keel, cement, sand, etc

self purchase of main materials takes the initiative

at present, most consumers will choose decoration companies to contract projects, and consumers "self purchase of main materials". The advantage of choosing this decoration method is that consumers have the initiative to purchase the main materials of what grade, price and quality by themselves. Decoration companies will purchase main materials separately when quoting (some list large core boards as provided by decoration companies)




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