The dual effects of internal and external factors

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On January 9, the annual National Science and technology award conference was held in the Great Hall of the people. Therefore, a total of 1 first prize and 41 second prizes of the National Natural Science Award were selected; 3 first prizes and 63 second prizes of the National Technological Invention Award; There are 2 special prizes, 20 first prizes and 149 second prizes of the national science and technology progress award. Our instrument industry has also "reaped a lot", winning 13 awards

scientific and technological strength and talents are important indicators to measure national strength. China invests a large amount of funds for technological research and innovation every year. As a modern high-tech industry, instruments and meters are regarded as a priority industry in many countries, and China is no exception. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the instrument and meter industry, especially the intelligent instrument and meter industry, received the support and encouragement of the national industrial policy and achieved great development

however, under such a background, some governments still chose all imported products in one purchase in 2016. Once this news came out, it can improve the production efficiency. It shocked the domestic instrument industry and caused a lot of questions. But in fact, in the field of instruments and meters, similar "procurement publicity of imported products" is not new, and even similar queries are not new. On the one hand, there are favorable policies for domestic instruments and meters, while on the other hand, relevant institutions are unwilling to use domestic instruments and meters. The reasons for this are worth exploring

are domestic instruments really poor? Although there is an obvious gap between domestic instruments and meters and foreign ones. However, since the 11th five year plan, under the guidance of the main innovation policy since China's current mechanical plastic 5 gold mold market is very active, the technical level of instrument products has been greatly improved. At present, in the fields of mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy and so on, domestic instruments have entered the medium and high-end application market. It can be said that the technical strength and product level of instruments and meters in China have long been different

however, in terms of the overall environment, the recognition of domestic instruments and meters is still not high. An expert revealed in an interview: "if a user unit purchases domestic instruments, it will be accused of poor instruments when there are problems. The instrument purchaser should bear the responsibility. However, if there are problems when purchasing imported instruments, everyone can only think that the current most advanced technology is not perfect." This bias can be said to be the fatal injury of instruments and meters of state-owned enterprises, which directly leads to the goal of the national plan that purchasers generally tend to import products when purchasing

at the same time, there are some problems in China's instrument industry. For example, enterprises are characterized by 'small, scattered and disorderly', and price wars and homogeneous competition are still common, which to some extent has caused the user units' mistrust of domestic instruments

only when there is demand can there be development power, and only when there is power can there be growth. Strengthening the purchase of domestic instruments and meters is also a huge power to promote the development of China's instrument industry. Market demand will promote the overall competitiveness of the industry and shorten the gap between China's instrument technology and foreign advanced technology

however, Chinese enterprises still need to make efforts. External factors are the conditions for the change and development of things, while external factors work through internal factors. If China's instrument industry wants to achieve qualitative change and development, it is also a key task to improve itself. Continue to increase technical input and innovation, adjust the industrial structure, make breakthroughs in the medium and high-end fields, and improve the reliability and stability of instruments. These are important ways for instrument enterprises to carry out their own reform

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