The drug package provided by the hottest hydralumi

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Aluminum foil for drug packaging provided by hydro aluminum

aluminum foil for drug packaging provided by hydro aluminum, with a thickness of 0.006 mm to 0.060 mm, can be ordinary aluminum foil, or aluminum foil in the form of varnished, heat sealed varnished, coated, compounded with plastic or paper

in the protective packaging of drug products, the drug packaging aluminum foil is almost blank in most places; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The main FRP using aluminum foil has also been replaced by metal and wood materials for the following reasons: excellent barrier property: it can completely block moisture, microorganisms, light, oxygen and other gases; Safety: due to the metal annealing process in the manufacturing process, the aluminum foil is sterile when used. In addition, it is harmless to health, without plasticizer, and also very environmentally friendly; Mechanical properties: both elastic and plastic, easy to coating, printing, compounding, slitting, cold forming, printing concave convex. These characteristics make aluminum foil a general packaging material when the protective device fails

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