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The drafting meeting of two national standards for micro motors was held in Cixi, Zhejiang Province. According to the 2006-2008 national standard preparation and revision plan issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee, the drafting meeting of general technical conditions for electronic adjustable speed micro asynchronous motors and general technical conditions for motors for electronic household appliances was recently held in Cixi, Zhejiang Province. The project is under the jurisdiction of the national micromotor Standardization Technical Committee and is responsible for organizing the revision

the national standard "general technical conditions for electric motors for electronic household appliances" is applicable to electric motors for electronic household appliances such as recorders, electronic toys, record players, program controllers, electric shavers, hard disks, CPU fans, etc; The national standard general technical conditions for electronic adjustable speed micro asynchronous motor is applicable to gear reduction electronic adjustable speed asynchronous motor for power frequency power electronic system drive. The motor is composed of gear reducer, electronic governor, single capacitor operated asynchronous motor or three item asynchronous motor and tachogenerator. Due to the long standard age of this standard, some performance indicators are not suitable for the actual needs. Therefore, the micro motor Standardization Committee has established a standard working group to supplement and revise this standard in combination with the research, development, production and application status of such motors in China

as the saying goes: those who win standards win the world. In the increasingly competitive industrial and commercial society, which is also the local society where the project started one year ago, first-class enterprises sell standards, second-class enterprises sell technology, and third-class enterprises sell products. As the saying goes, whoever has control over the standard has control over the players who adopt the standard. This standard has a great impact on the world, which means the control over relevant interests or interests. In recent years, a number of potential private enterprises have emerged in the micro motor industry. They are gradually growing into active participants in standardization, which will further promote the rapid development of micro motor technology and products in China and the improvement of the overall level of the industry; In addition, the conducted harmonics will interfere with the normal operation of the internal software or hardware of electrical equipment, and provide advanced technical standards for the production of micro motors in China

during the meeting, academician Tang Renyuan, director of national rare earth permanent magnet motor engineering technology research center of Shenyang University of technology, mohuicheng, director of Xi'an Micro Motor Research Institute, Secretary General of micro motor branch guoqiaobin, deputy director of Cixi Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision Accompanied by cenguojian, general manager of Ningbo zhongdade transmission equipment Co., Ltd., the Secretary of the Party committee of Kuangyan Town, Cixi and other expert leaders visited the production workshop and on-site management of the enterprise with great interest

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