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The 12th Five Year Plan for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry has been drafted and is to be reviewed.

the high-end equipment manufacturing industry has identified five major directions

and strives to achieve a sales output value of more than 6 trillion in 2015; The equipment manufacturing industry revitalization law will be formulated to establish a cross regional, cross industry and cross departmental coordination mechanism for major technical equipment. Recently, it was learned from relevant parties that the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry (hereinafter referred to as the plan) drafted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and other departments has been completed and is awaiting approval by the State Council

according to an authoritative person who participated in the drafting of the plan, the 12th Five Year Plan for high-end equipment manufacturing focuses on five sub industries in terms of development direction: aviation, aerospace, high-speed railway, ocean engineering and intelligent equipment. The plan predicts that by 2015, the annual sales output value of high-end equipment manufacturing industry will be more than 6 trillion yuan; By 2020, the sales output value of high-end equipment manufacturing industry will account for more than 30% of the sales output value of equipment manufacturing industry, and the domestic market satisfaction rate will exceed 25%

according to a relevant person from the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the high-end part of the equipment manufacturing industry, which has prominent characteristics such as technology intensive, high added value, large growth space and strong driving effect. The equipment manufacturing industry is a national strategic industry and a symbol of industrial rise, and is the foundation and core competitiveness of a country's manufacturing industry. According to the analysis of the plan, the main problems existing in China's equipment manufacturing industry lie in the following aspects: over reliance on investment growth; Weak independent innovation ability, lack of core technology and independent brand; The level of basic manufacturing lags behind, with redundant construction and overcapacity in some areas; Low utilization rate of energy resources and high energy consumption of products

in recent years, China's equipment manufacturing industry has indeed made remarkable achievements, but we are still only a large manufacturing country, not a manufacturing power. Shiyong, director of the Institute of strategy and planning of the Information Research Institute of the machinery industry, believes that the lack of independent design ability and the lack of key core technologies have become the bottleneck of the industry development. According to him, China's economic aggregate ranks among the top in the world. However, China's manufacturing industry is generally in the global industrial chain. In addition, we should also consider whether the oil consumption is too thin and dirty, and whether it is upstream, downstream and low-end

according to the data of national statistical bureaus in 2009, the total scale of China's equipment manufacturing industry was $2.2 trillion, while that of the United States decreased from $2 trillion to $1.5 trillion, and that of Japan was $1.23 trillion. It can be said that now China's equipment manufacturing industry has become bigger, and the next step is to become stronger. An official from the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology said

the plan points out that the automobile industry of the five sub branches will be the key direction of the key field industry

in aviation, we will focus on accelerating the development of large aircraft, vigorously develop graphene as the most popular 1-member series regional aircraft, general-purpose aircraft and helicopters among new materials, and focus on breaking through the important airborne systems and key equipment of engines

in the aspect of high-speed railway, it focuses on the research and development of train operation control systems for high-speed trains, transit trains, intercity and plastic granulators in a wide range of fields

in terms of offshore engineering equipment, we will focus on the development of exploration, development, production, processing, storage and transportation equipment, offshore operation and auxiliary service equipment, special resources development equipment, large offshore structures, underwater systems and key equipment and systems. At the same time, we will support the R & D and innovation of marine renewable energy utilization equipment, seabed mineral resources equipment and marine monitoring equipment, and constantly expand new areas of industrial development

in terms of intelligent manufacturing equipment, we will focus on promoting precision and intelligent instruments and test equipment, intelligent control systems, key basic parts, high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent special equipment

it is understood that the development idea of equipment manufacturing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period can be summarized as a strategy and a goal. One strategy is to adjust transformation, innovate and upgrade; One goal refers to promoting the structural adjustment of equipment manufacturing industry from big to strong, with the main direction of industrial technology structure and enterprise organization structure. Innovation and upgrading refers to vigorously promoting independent entrepreneurship and promoting industrial optimization and upgrading. Machinery Industry Information Research Institute said

the development goals of the equipment manufacturing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period are as follows:

first, the ability of independent innovation has been significantly improved. We have broken through and mastered a number of core technologies in key areas, formed a number of independent technologies and standards, significantly improved the ability and level of major technical equipment localization, made major phased achievements in major scientific and technological projects, achieved a rate of more than 30% of new products in the industry, achieved an average annual growth rate of 50% in the number of patents granted, and significantly increased the contribution of scientific and technological progress to economic growth

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