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The earliest paper packaging advertisement in the world was proposed by Cao Yan, a Chinese cultural relic expert, after years of research and textual research, that the Yuan Dynasty packaging paper unearthed in Yuanling, Hunan may be the earliest paper packaging advertisement in the world

in October 1985, archaeologists excavated a joint burial tomb of the Yuan Dynasty couple at Shuangqiao, Yuanling County, Hunan Province. Two pieces of commodity wrapping paper were found in the funerary objects of the female coffin. At the same time, a number of well preserved costumes, silk fabrics, paper money "Zhiyuan pass treasure notes" and gold and silver ware of the Yuan Dynasty were unearthed. At present, two pieces of packaging paper for the purpose of reducing material cost and improving product quality are stored in Yuanling County Museum

researcher caoyannong, executive director of the Chinese society of cultural relics, said that the commodity packaging paper unearthed from the yuan Tomb of Yuanling integrates packaging, advertising and trademarks, and has fully applied the Internet product "" to some of the main features of modern packaging advertising. What is more amazing is that there are also visible and anti-counterfeiting marks on paper packaging advertisements. Accordingly, he believes that this is the earliest paper packaging advertisement found in China, and may also be the earliest paper packaging advertisement in the world

it is reported that the two pieces of wrapping paper are the same size, and they are the wrapping paper of the same article. Judging from the creases of the paper and the red powder left on the paper, they are wrapped with paint pigments. According to the textual research on the tomb inscriptions, the owner of the yuan tomb died in 1305. Cao Yannong further pointed out that the two pieces of wrapping paper were printed by a paint and pigment store in Changsha City 130 years ago

the rectangular packaging paper is 313.5 cm long and 20.274 cm wide. The cable tray for electric control distribution is 5.5 cm. It is yellow and white rough edged paper. Inside the paper are engraved words and vermilion marks, which explain the detailed address of the store, the variety, quality and characteristics of the goods sold. There is also such typical advertising language as "please recognize the red lettered doorhead and high plate"

Cao Yannong believes that the paper packaging advertisements unearthed in Yuanling provide important material materials for the study of the development of China's commodity economy. "As early as the Yuan Dynasty, these two pieces of wrapping paper had assumed the responsibility of 'silent salesperson'. They have the basic characteristics of modern advertising, such as explaining commodity performance, identifying trademark patterns, publicizing store names and stimulating purchase desire."

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