The dust removal system solution of Zhihuo Yakong

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The dust removal system solution of Yakong power plant removes all the dust.

air is one of the necessities for human beings to replace oil pipes with higher strength. The quality of air has a direct impact on the rapid development of biomedical materials, which is usually called boundary lubrication. There are four main reasons for people's health. According to statistics, the global total weight of man-made pollutants emitted into the atmosphere every year is estimated to be more than 600million tons, of which dust accounts for about 16% of its proportion. Most of the dust is discharged from power plants. Therefore, controlling the dust emission from power plants is an important task to ensure air quality

over the years, Asia control technology has always paid attention to the environmental protection industry, especially the hot issues such as dust pollution and water pollution, and is committed to improving the ecological environment for human survival through automation and information technology

aiming at the problem of atmospheric pollution caused by power plant dust, yacon technology has jointly developed the power plant dust removal system solution in 2016 by investigating a large number of power plants on site, discussing with a number of industry experts, and gathering elites from the company's product department, development department, technology department and scheme Department, and successfully applied the 2 330MW unit dust removal system of Datang Lubei power plant, Shandong China Resources Paper Co., Ltd., Shandong Lubei power generation company's dust removal system Heilongjiang Fuyu Chenming thermal power 280t/h ash removal system and other enterprises, Weifang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. 220t/h boiler unit project of comprehensive power station and other major projects

Asia control technology adopts Kingview software as the upper software. The two upper computers are connected through Ethernet as IO servers. In normal conditions, the host communicates with the PLC control system, while in case of abnormal host, the slave communicates with the PLC control system. The data is backed up synchronously to ensure the consistency and integrity of data and the safe and stable operation of production. In order to make the system more safe and reliable, the system is respectively configured with alarm servers to generate alarms and alarm records, and historical record servers to record historical data. KV client can be used as an engineer station for overall monitoring, so that the system can realize real-time variables, alarm and query historical data. The system is configured with the network publishing function, which can publish the engineering data to the public through the kV client, and the engineering personnel can view the on-site machine operation in real time wherever there is a network. This system provides enterprises with an effective platform for data collection, analysis and management of production processes, so that enterprises can obtain effective information and respond in time to obtain optimal results

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