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For a long time, in the study of the history of woodblock printing technology, people have always believed that the earliest woodblock printing that was discovered and dated in China was the Diamond Sutra of the ninth year of Xiantong in the Tang Dynasty (868), which was collected in the Dunhuang stone chamber and kept in touch with the British Library and affirmed the children's position in the National Library. Recently, a research result of Professor dengwenkuan, a researcher of the Chinese Institute of cultural relics, changed this conclusion. He advanced the age of the earliest block printed matter found in China that can be dated by 34 years

Professor Deng's conclusion that not only a variety of desert plants grow, but also through the study of the calendar date issued by a Dunhuang stone chamber. This piece of calendar day remains in the St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, the Russian Academy of Sciences' east 5 safety device and limit device should be sensitive and reliable. The plates were published in the upper column of page 109, Volume 10, Dunhuang documents collected in Russia, which was newly published by Shanghai ancient books publishing house. When it was published, it was only entitled "with a calendar", and the exact date was not indicated

the original is a small fragment carved with calendar days, which has been damaged up, down, front and back, so it is very difficult to determine

in the eighth year of the reign of emperor Wenzong of the Tang Dynasty, there were a large number of folk engraving calendar days, which were widely distributed. It was because there were too many private calendars that the royal privilege of "issuing calendars" was impacted. Therefore, Feng Su asked for an injunction and the emperor issued an imperial edict to prohibit it. However, the engraving and printing calendar has rich economic benefits, which can not be stopped. Objectively, it has promoted the rapid development and progress of engraving and printing technology. It was against this background that this printed calendar day of the eighth year of the reign of emperor Wenzong of the Tang Dynasty came into being. As for whether it is an official calendar or a private calendar, it is still difficult to determine

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