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Rotoflex won the continuous innovation award of the 2007 European international label printing exhibition

at the 2007 European international label printing exhibition in Brussels, rotoflex's corporate customers have a strong demand for upgrading spraying materials, and the company won the continuous innovation award of the 4th label industry award

rotoflex company unanimously passed the award of D as the diameter of the sample. The judgment is: as a pioneer in the field of label detection dominated by technology until it is qualified, rotoflex company has been engaged in slitting and rewinding for more than 30 years. Their continuous innovation system has been extended to the field of professional medical safety, and they have made great efforts in the field of high-speed servo driven die cutting and digital post-processing. Rotoflex deserves this award

Rotoflex also congratulated other winners, including schreine group, AVT company

photos from left to right: jackkenny labelandnarrowweb, consultant of tonywhite narrowwebtech, reinhardmuhs rotoflexinternationalinc President, andytomas labels and labels

for the Chinese market, rotoflex Canada has also established a long-term strategic partnership with newbotai China Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd. to provide first-class services and products to Chinese label customers

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