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Rotating compressor industry pattern: giant crushing competition is fierce

the capacity expansion of the air conditioning compressor industry for years has finally brought the industrial competition into a tragic era

at the beginning of the cold year of 2015, China Resources Sanyo, which has been in a continuous downturn in recent years, was taken over by AVIC, the controlling shareholder of Xi'an Qing'an. The withdrawal of China resources made the air conditioning compressor industry with a stable pattern for many years begin the competition of integration and acquisition. According to "electric appliance", after taking over, AVIC did not fully integrate Sanyo's internal system. A year later, Sanyo's internal restructuring was carried out in a relatively mild state. Xi'an Qing'an, another enterprise of the same shareholder, only appointed a few managers to Sanyo. It is reported that at present, Sanyo's internal job adjustment is almost completed, and the company's overall atmosphere is positive. Next, AVIC may integrate resources between Qing'an and Sanyo from a strategic level in order to cope with the fierce competition in the new situation

although the integration process is relatively mild, Sanyo is still experiencing the pain of the adjustment period, and the annual output of air conditioning compressors has decreased significantly. It is understood that new Sanyo will focus on the adjustment of product models. Under the condition that variable-frequency air conditioners continue to be favored, Sanyo's high proportion of variable-frequency machines will still have good sales prospects if the models are updated in place. The gradual integration with Xi'an Qing'an in terms of raw material resources and sales resources is also likely to bring synergy to both sides, and then operate as a compressor company with a total capacity of 12million compressors and obvious product lines

industry experts said that in the period of increasing market pressure, the collaborative integration strategy of Qing'an and Sanyo must be realized as soon as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to cope with the next difficult situation

the indirect cooperation between Qing'an and Sanyo did not bring much shock to the industrial pattern. GMCC and Lingda, the two giants, have a total market share of nearly 70% in the cold year of 2015, leaving only about 30% of the market space for the remaining dozen air conditioning compressor enterprises. According to rough statistics, the total production capacity of these more than 10 enterprises is close to 100million units, while the market space is less than 40million units

this industrial pattern is an important reason why many air conditioning compressor enterprises still feel "high pressure" in the case of stable overall demand in the cold year of 2015

Ruizhi, which has developed rapidly in the past two to three years, stipulated in the terms of the laboratory qualification evaluation criteria: the non-standard method developed by the laboratory has become an important brand in the air conditioning compressor industry with flexible marketing strategies and low operating costs. Ruizhi once called out the grand goal of "rebuilding Ruizhi in five years" at the end of the cold year of 2014. However, in the cold year of 2015, Ruizhi encountered direct competition from GMCC to "lay down". Although the output barely remained stable, the competitive pressure was already obvious. In the face of this situation, Ruizhi said that the fierce market competition led to the reduction of Ruizhi's annual output compared with the previous year. In the next cold year, Ruizhi has achieved the improvement of the product power of frequency converters, and the performance of the models has been improved. In the cold year of 2016, while maintaining the advantage of export business, vigorously promoting the sales of frequency converters is an important breakthrough to win in the fierce competition

Haili, an industrial giant that lacks the protection of its own supply system, still maintains its competitive advantage under the leadership of chairman shenjianfang. The in-depth strategic cooperation between Haili and Gree has successfully ensured the supply volume of Haili in Gree system. Haili said that in the cold year of 2015, the good operation of Haili's Indian plant led to the development of Haili in India and other overseas markets, and the export business has become an extremely important business segment of Haili under the "heavy pressure" of the lack of self supplied manufacturers. In the 2015 plan of Haili, Haili plans to achieve an annual output of 20million air conditioning compressors

with excellent technology and a certain proportion of self supply, Panasonic Wanbao and Mitsubishi Electric have developed very stably. Panasonic Wanbao said that in 2014, the annual output of air conditioning compressors was 10.76 million units, with a self supply ratio of 41%. The output in 2015 is expected to be the same as that in 2014. Panasonic Wanbao expects that the air conditioning market in 2015 will still develop in the direction of environmental protection and energy efficiency. Therefore, the products in 2015 will mainly be new refrigerants and high-efficiency DC frequency conversion products. At the same time, it will vigorously develop the markets in other application fields such as heat pumps and dehumidifiers, as well as the development of overseas markets

Mitsubishi Electric produced 6.1 million air-conditioning compressors in 2014, and 2.7 million from January to may 2015. The production and sales target in 2015 was the same year on year, and the self supply proportion was about 15%. According to Mitsubishi Electric, in the face of the huge competitive pressure in the Chinese market, Mitsubishi Electric is seeking breakthroughs in paying attention to profitability, soundness, stable profit system construction, developing large and medium-sized models, expanding exports in high profit areas, and cost optimization

the external supply strategies of LG and Samsung, the two Korean brands, have also changed. With the sharp increase of market pressure in China, while the output of air conditioning compressors has decreased, both brands have increased their efforts in the export market

it is worth mentioning that the compressor production lines built by Galanz and Zhigao in the base are in good condition. Both Galanz compressor production lines have achieved self supply in batches, and Zhigao's only compressor production line has also achieved mass production in the cold year of 2015. What is somewhat surprising is that both Galanz and Zhigao have a high capacity utilization rate of self built production lines in the cold year of 2015, both of which are above 75%. The capacity release of the two self built camps has also caused a crowding out effect of more than 4million units in the already competitive air conditioning compressor market

in the cold year of 2015, under the situation of continued overcapacity and industrial duopoly, the situation of industrial competition is very cruel. While raw materials continue to operate at low prices, the price storm of rotary compressors is extremely fierce. After two consecutive years of sharp price declines, the price of air-conditioning compressors continued to decline in the cold year of 2015 - the profit scene was gone. However, in the era of upgrading with the great improvement of the product power of air conditioners, the low price is still not competitive, and the quality and performance of compressor enterprises' products and services are particularly important. This is also an important reason why the overall price of the industry has continued to decline in recent years, but Japanese brands still maintain their competitive advantage. However, in the cold year of 2015, Japanese brands also feel cold

under such extremely stringent demand conditions, GMCC, which has both capacity scale, marketing system, cost advantage and technical quality, has obvious overall advantages

oligarchy storm strikes

in the cold year of 2015, GMCC's market data can be described as "terrible". By the end of May 2015, the shipment volume of GMCC air conditioning compressor was 39.25 million units in the cold year of 2015, an increase year on year γ- PGA fermentation production technology has been industrialized in Lukang Biochemical Co., Ltd., with a growth of 11.6%; The domestic sales volume was 35.3 million units, with a year-on-year increase of 9%. It is estimated that the sales volume of air conditioning compressors of gmcc2015 will reach 47million units, with a year-on-year increase of 10%. In 2015, GMCC had a good trend, and its production and sales volume had reached 24.88 million units in only five months. In 2015, there will be generally expressed as pounds per inch (lb./in.) It is expected to exceed 50million

in the words of many competitors, GMCC "launched an all-out attack" in the cold year of 2015, and GMCC participated in the competition regardless of high-end frequency converters, low-end fixed speed machines and export models

in this regard, GMCC said that under the huge market pressure of air conditioning units, GMCC is first of all customer-oriented. GMCC will provide what services and products customers need. The second is to build a growth model of "leading products and efficiency driven". "The so-called product leadership means that GMCC should focus on products regardless of marketing or R & D and manufacturing, because the carrier that brings value to customers is products; efficiency driven mainly refers to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the internal operation system and the establishment of an operation platform that constantly meets the needs of customers."

generally speaking, GMCC is a leading enterprise with perfect service, R & D system, cost and product power advantages. However, even hegemonic like GMCC needs to deal with the cruel situation in the future. In this regard, GMCC said that, first of all, the company is required to focus on "customers" and carry out all work around customer needs; Secondly, continuously improve product technology and quality to ensure that customers obtain high-quality products; Third, explore ideas, diversify development, gradually look at the daily maintenance of horizontal tensile testing machine, and expand the sales business of products in the non air conditioning field

compared with GMCC, which has a self supply ratio of about 60%, Lingda, another oligarch rising in the past three or four years, is increasing its efforts to supply products externally

in the cold year of 2015, oaks, TCL and other air-conditioning enterprises have begun to match Lingda models. Although the number is limited, Lingda finally took the first step of external supply after the production capacity reached 40million units. It is worth mentioning that in order to realize the external supply of upstream supporting enterprises in the system, Gree established the "Gree industrial products department" in May 2014, which is specially responsible for the sales of upstream parts of Gree. At present, Lingda's export business has been handed over to the Ministry of industrial products, and its domestic sales business has been jointly promoted in two aspects. For Lingda, even if the industrial products department cannot play a significant role in domestic sales in the short term, at least the signal released by Gree is very clear - Lingda must be supplied externally

Lingda, which has occupied nearly 30% of the total market share, is likely to cause serious squeeze on the whole industry once the external supply is successful. In fact, many technical principals of air-conditioning enterprises privately told electric appliance that if the competition in the air-conditioning market continues to be so brutal and the requirements for compressor cost and performance are more stringent, Lingda is indeed a quite suitable partner. It is reported that Lingda is still actively adjusting the configuration of externally supplied models, which is also Gree's established strategy - to get rid of captivity, adapt to the external market environment, and then devour market share

Lingda said that in the cold year of 2015, Lingda achieved an annual output of 35million rotary compressors; In the cold year of 2016, Lingda may reduce some production in exchange for high-efficiency production of high-specification products. It is understood that Lingda's production scheduling strategy has been upgraded from frequency conversion to heavy conversion, high power and high specification, which can not only ensure the production and supply of Gree series large and medium-sized models, but also prepare for the batch supply of large and medium-sized models in the future and participate in the competition in the high-profit market

Lingda's strategic transformation may free up the production space of some small and medium-sized models for other manufacturers, but these models have low profits and fierce competition

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