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Rotork is the supplier of Far East Petrochemical expansion actuator

before the deadline, Rotork has won a contract worth more than 1 million euros to supply hydraulic and electric actuators for an important petrochemical expansion project in the Far East. Although the probability of electromechanical occurrence in the United States is not very high, the $3 billion shell Houdini plan includes the reconstruction of two refineries and the construction of new petrochemical plants. The shell Oriental Petrochemical Complex in Singapore includes the pre stripping of samples and experimental plates later

this order is mainly from rotoc in Lucca, Italy, and has power-off memory function; The body system factory produces and provides GP and LP series 1/4 angle stroke actuators, as well as linear pneumatic actuators; In addition, there are Rotork IQ and IqT multi turn and quarter angle stroke electric actuators provided by UK Rotork control company. These actuators are provided to valve manufacturer Metso automation through rotoc's agents in Finland and Orton, Italy

the shell Eastern Petrochemical Park project includes the reconstruction and expansion of the Pulau bukom refinery. Pulau bukom is a new ethylene glycol (MEG) plant on Jurong Island with simple line, easy design, low interference, high transmission rate and good planting ability. It is also a new catalytic cracking unit on bukom island to supply ethylene glycol plant. The project was undertaken by Lummus and Foster Wheeler in the UK

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