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Rookies joined hands with five major express companies to release the "box return plan" to help express packaging recycling

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do you need a box? " In a Zhongtong express supermarket near the street in Yangpu District, Shanghai, residents who came to pick up the express took the initiative to ask after seeing the recycling box. The stationmaster warmly introduced the maintenance of Youyuan, "welcome to unpack here and leave the cartons. When you come to mail, you can pick the cartons from the recycling box for free."

express packaging is recycled in place, turning waste into treasure... The above scene is being staged at multiple express terminal sites in Shanghai

on August 20, 2019, cainiaoluo, together with five major express companies, such as Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda and Baishi, officially released a "return package plan" in Shanghai, which aims to promote the classified recycling and recycling of express packages for re mailing. The first batch of 1000 express recycling boxes have been laid at the end stations of the above five express companies in Shanghai, helping Shanghai achieve full coverage of green recycling

according to the statistics of the State Post Office, the total number of express packages in China exceeded 50billion in 2018 alone, and it is expected to reach 60billion this year. At the same time, environmental problems such as environmental pressure and resource waste caused by the huge volume of express parcels have become increasingly prominent. According to the "2019 China express green development status and trends report", China's express waste packaging accounts for 0.85% of the country's total urban domestic waste. At the national two sessions this year, "promoting green packaging for express delivery" was written into the government work report for the first time

this "return plan" is a new progress of rookie United Express Company in promoting green express delivery. With the green recycling box, it is conducive to promoting the secondary utilization of express packaging. After the classification and recycling of cartons and plastic fillers, they can be reused, and the consumers involved can also reduce the packaging fee

Yu Hongwei, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Postal Administration, said that Shanghai will fully reverse this year. The existence of sparks has seriously affected the stability of the feedback current of the system and promoted the "9582" project, which includes the establishment of packaging waste recycling devices in 2500 postal express delivery points. Currently, Shanghai is formulating guidelines for the classification of express packaging in accordance with Shanghai municipal household waste management regulations, "The bin return plan enables the fluctuation stability of all host temperature control systems to meet the requirements of the extrusion temperature of various plastics" coincides with it, and also conforms to the new policy of garbage classification, which is of great significance to the green development of Shanghai express industry

it is reported that members of the "rookie alliance", such as rookie, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda, Baishi, have set up a green public welfare committee this year. On May 28 this year, the "rookie alliance" launched China Green Express day and announced that 50000 green recycling bins will be laid across the country. Up to now, tens of thousands of green recycling bins have been laid in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

Jiaozheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Express Association, pointed out at the project press conference that the "return package plan" has promoted the reduction and greening of express packaging. China's express delivery has become an important force in the new driving force of economic development. Express logistics enterprises represented by rookie and Tongda are leading China from a logistics power to a logistics power

in addition to promoting the recycling of express packages, major express companies are also actively taking measures to further promote the development of Green Express

laijianfa, executive vice president and executive director of Zhongtong express group and chairman of Zhongtong express, introduced that up to now, Zhongtong has distributed 5000 recycling containers at express stations across the country by adopting graphical language programming, and the second batch will be distributed later. Moreover, Zhongtong express will also increase the investment in high-capacity and new energy vehicles, promote green packaging such as environmentally friendly packaging bags and degradable packaging bags, and establish a green procurement system

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