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Sailun University was officially inaugurated

on November 29, Sailun University was officially inaugurated. Yuan Zhongxue, director of the national rubber and tire engineering technology research center and President of Sailun University, and Wang Mengjiao, chief scientist of the national rubber and tire engineering technology research center and honorary president of Sailun University, Zhang Yan, chairman and President of rubber Valley Group, Liu Yanhua, executive vice president of Sailun University, and Bingzheng, President of soft control Co., Ltd., came to the scene to jointly unveil the brand of Sailun University. Nearly 300 Sailun group managers at all levels, grassroots backbone employees, and upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain also witnessed this historical moment on the scene

as an enterprise emerging from scientific research institutions, Sailun group has an indissoluble bond with education since its inception. In the critical stage of the secondary development of the group and the further integration of industrial platforms, talent increment has become a crucial factor affecting the competitiveness of the round. In this context, it is particularly important to cultivate high-quality talents who meet the requirements of the group's strategic development. Sailun university came into being

activate the organization and promote change through talent development

Wang Feng, vice president of Sailun University, made a special report

Wang Feng, vice president of Sailun University, introduced in detail the school running concept, positioning, development planning and three-level training management of Sailun University in the special report "being a valuable enterprise university". Sailun University believes that "talents are not only trained, but also selected"; "Excellent enterprises should not only develop talents, but also achieve talents"; "Outstanding management business backbones at all levels should come from and go to the front line."

in terms of positioning, Sailun University will build a high potential talent echelon at all levels by disseminating the enterprise spirit, advocating the guidance of enterprise cultural values, and committed to the construction of talent training mechanism; Focus on the solution of production, operation and management problems and mechanism optimization; Strengthen enterprise knowledge management, training system construction and other work, continue to promote the development of high potential talents, activate organizations and promote change

create a knowledge camp for the round of events to ensure sustainable and healthy development

Liu Yanhua, executive vice president of the round of events University, made a special report

subsequently, Liu Yanhua made a special report entitled round of events University - Strategic Guarantee for high-quality development. She said that talents are a key factor in determining the secondary development of the round. The second development should first build a perfect talent management system, and the establishment of the University of Sailun is an important part of it. Talent management needs systematic thinking, key breakthroughs and continuous improvement. With the talent training mechanism, enterprises can inherit and iterate, and maintain an evergreen foundation

Liu Yanhua emphasized that Sailun university serves the front line of business and provides professional support to 136598 professional visitors and secondary managers. All managers should also go to the lecture hall to share their professional skills and management wisdom; Review your own experience or lessons, form a valuable case base, and create a "knowledge camp" for the exclusive round. In the future, we should emphasize the contribution of managers to the organization. For example, the ability of managers to lead the team will be an important evaluation standard. It is necessary to form a standardized talent replication model through the platform of the round university, so as to lay a solid foundation for the globalization of the round

serve the upstream and downstream, and promote the industry to a new height in the world

speech by yuan Zhongxue, President of Sailun University

yuan Zhongxue pointed out in his speech that 2020 is a year of rampant epidemic and great changes in the world. At present, we are experiencing great changes that have not been seen in a century. We must seize opportunities, work hard and keep forging ahead. For the secondary development of the round, talents must be the top priority. It is hoped that Sailun university can build a talent management system from the aspects of strategy, objectives, culture, morality, professional particles or fragments that can be directly used on 3D printers using granular materials, go deep into the front line, go deep into business, and constantly select and cultivate excellent talents; The basis of talent training is selection. We should explore everyone's strengths, cultivate and give full play to the advantageous value of talents; At the same time, we should invite excellent teachers at home and abroad to give lectures with an international vision, so as to create an international talent echelon of the round

yuan Zhongxue stressed that managers at all levels of the round should constantly improve themselves, change from managers to operators, be strict with themselves, adhere to the core values of "trust and respect", practice the people-oriented corporate culture, and be responsible and courageous. "Our vision is lofty, our mind is broad, and our goal is firm. Along the way, our experience and lessons should be used as teaching cases of Sailun University and become a valuable asset to promote the development of the group and industrial chain."

in the future, Sailun University will work closely with its upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain to connect the cross-border development of talents in the industrial chain platform, promote the collaborative cooperation between the industrial chain platform companies, promote the best practice exchange and knowledge sharing among the industrial chain partner companies, help build the industrial chain ecosystem, and promote China's rubber tire industry to a new height in the world

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