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RPC launched a new packaging for energy drinks

rpc bra, so mlage company used its unique technology to produce a new type of freshcan beverage can, which set off a new wave in the sports and health beverage market

many energy drinks contain active ingredients, but the active ingredients have a short life in liquid environment and will fail. In order to avoid this problem, RPC developed freshcan drink cans. They added a plastic capsule called "wedge" produced by RPC Bramlage inside the drink cans. Before the beverage can is opened, the active ingredients are stored in dry plastic capsules. The imperfect construction of new material system in the plastic industry contacts the beverage. After the can is opened, the active ingredients are released from the capsule into the beverage

in order to mature the product and put it on the market, RPC Bramlage, together with Ball Packaging Europe and deguss a freshtech beverages, jointly developed the technology. Among them, Ball Packaging Europe is a leading beverage manufacturer in Europe, and the task of Degussa freshtech beverages is to solve the problem of filling active ingredients into capsules

the production of this product requires accurate fixed-point and hole opening technology. The success of the new product proves that RPC Bramlage has precise molding technology and professional small part production capacity. During the development process, RPC Bramlage is responsible for selecting appropriate plastic materials and designing the shape of the capsule, while Ball Packaging Europe is responsible for the filling of active ingredients and the canning test of the capsule. The biggest difficulty they encounter is: how to make the capsule waterproof and can be easily opened when opening the can? RPC Bramlage shows its outstanding innovation in solving this contradictory problem

in the design of freshcan, the capsule is not fixed at the bottom of the tank, but can float freely in the drink. This is a major requirement put forward by Ball Packaging Europe. RPC Bramlage has done a lot of work for this, and finally the capsule has a certain suspension. The beverage can also has a reliable can opening device. When the beverage can is opened, the pressure inside the capsule pushes the capsule cover open, and the active ingredients are then mixed with the liquid. In this way, the beverage can and the capsule can be produced separately, which facilitates the filling of the capsule

freshcan technology has broad application prospects. Based on this technology, manufacturers of milk and sports energy drinks can develop more kinds of drinks

brain twist in New York first seized the business opportunity of new packaging and launched defense vitamin mineral beverage in the United States

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