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Rookie Yuantong jointly launched the super robot distribution center. On September 14, on the eve of tmall's double 11, rookie and Yuantong Express jointly announced that the super robot distribution center was officially opened in Yuantong Hangzhou transfer center

it is reported that this is the small piece robot distribution center with the fastest average speed and the highest distribution efficiency in the industry. During the peak period, 350 robots work day and night in a 2000 square meter site, and can sort more than 500000 parcels every day. The three-day driving mileage of the robots is enough to circle the earth

the efficiency of the fastest distribution center exceeds the industry by 20%

in the Yuantong Hangzhou robot distribution center, the robot is very busy on the operating platform, and automatically transports packages to the corresponding area according to the different flow directions of packages. After reaching the designated position, the tray on the robot is erected, the package is poured into the slot, and then slides down the channel from the second floor to the package shipping area on the first floor. The whole process takes only more than ten seconds with high tensile and impact resistance. Parcels that go to nearly 300 different destinations in batches every day are efficiently sorted and concentrated by this set of equipment

Li Jianjun, senior technical expert of Cainiao network, said that the average speed of this distribution center robot jointly built by Cainiao and Yuantong is 25% higher than that of similar distribution equipment in the industry. It is understood that the sorting efficiency is 20% higher than that of the industry

according to Li Jianjun, rookies have rich accumulation in IOT technology, artificial intelligence technology and multi robot scheduling technology. They have built a number of automation projects across the country, including the future park of intelligent management and automated production in Wuxi, and promote the industry to accelerate automation

this time, with the cooperation of Yuantong, Cainiao applied the warehouse automation technology to the distribution center, and handed over the distribution work that used to rely solely on human eyes to robots. The manual burden was greatly reduced, and the sorting efficiency and accuracy were greatly increased. The distinction between the two can also be made by referring to the coherent distinction of electronic universal experimental machine, which increased the consumption experience and reduced the enterprise cost

according to Li Xiaoping, head of the central management department of Yuantong Express headquarters, in addition to the robot automatic sorting equipment in Yuantong Hangzhou pressure control accurate transfer center, Yuantong has transformed nearly half of the transfer center this year, putting into installation dozens of automatic sorting equipment and hundreds of DWS (automatic weighing and scanning) equipment, in order to reduce operation links and improve transfer efficiency

IOT technology optimizes resources to speed up express delivery

on May 31 this year, rookie announced its IOT strategy. At present, it is working with the industry to promote the application of IOT technology in the logistics industry, realize the real-time of various logistics elements, including robots, and carry out intelligent scheduling, optimize resource allocation, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and continue to bring consumers the ultimate logistics experience of universal benefits

Li Jianjun, a senior technical expert of rookie, said that rookie has a professional team dedicated to solving multi robot scheduling technology, which is essentially the same problem as alphago playing chess

"alphago can defeat human beings because of its strong predictability." Li Jianjun said that the rookie's algorithm ability makes every robot highly predictable. Through artificial intelligence and IOT technology, multiple robots can work intensively at the same time, plan the optimal handling route in advance, optimize resource allocation, avoid collision, and complete the handling task efficiently

Li Jianjun also said that rookies are also upgrading the distribution center, and the next generation robot distribution center will soon be launched in Nanjing. The new generation distribution center will cover more categories, make it easier to deploy and install, reduce the construction cycle, and comprehensively speed up the automation of the industry

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