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RPC packaging has a crisis in impacting carton enterprises

Product Crisis of carton enterprises compared with RPC

at present, there are more than 20000 large and small carton production enterprises in China, and the competition among carton enterprises is becoming more and more intense. Now, with the transparency of prices, profits are getting thinner and thinner, and some manufacturers cut corners, resulting in the decline of the quality of carton products. And it is worth noting that the carton industry with a single product is being challenged by RPC (degradable plastic). Many carton enterprises have now realized that their customers no longer persistently choose cartons as the outer packaging of products as before, but turn their attention to other types of packaging forms, especially the impact of RPC on cartons. Due to the improvement of people's dual requirements for packaging, storage and transportation and sales functions, the important position of cartons in the packaging market has been shaken, and the product crisis of carton enterprises has emerged

corrugated box, as an excellent packaging material, can replace wood, plastic and recycled. It is a green packaging material, and has the advantages of strong protection, good sealing and printing. At present, it has been widely used and has a good development prospect. In 2004, the output of corrugated boxes used for transportation in China reached 16.5 billion square meters, becoming the largest corrugated box producer in Asia. At present, corrugated boxes account for 66% of all packaging materials in Asia. However, compared with RPC, corrugated boxes still have two major weaknesses:

the specifications are not unified, which is not conducive to stacking

the specifications of thousands of cartons, which is of course important for businesses pursuing personalized packaging, but it brings great trouble to the entire logistics environment. It is not convenient for stacking and transportation, and a lot of valuable space will be wasted. Containers are a typical example. RPC is the first transportation material to realize standardization. Because its specifications are consistent, it is easy to stack. R5. Displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mmpc has slots at the bottom, and its stacking stability is far better than that of cartons

non transparency, unable to show the charm of the product itself

carton packaging because its structure blocks the display of the product itself. In the production workshop of Yulian group, I saw with my own eyes the functions of all production processes of Zhongfu high precision aluminum company, the company's transformation and upgrading project. Although beautiful patterns can be printed on the outside of the package, it increases the packaging cost. RPC not only has the advantage of standardization, but also has a strong display function. Because RPC itself has no top cover, it can directly display the contents. There is no need to print patterns on the outer package, which saves a printing cost without losing the promotional function of the package. Moreover, RPC can also be recycled, which is both economical and environmental friendly. The development of RPC new technology has posed a great threat to the position of corrugated boxes, so carton enterprises must have a correct awareness and take positive countermeasures

not long ago, FEFCO (European corrugated paper manufacturers' Federation), together with FBA (American carton Association) and some large carton enterprises jointly launched the "European standard for the land occupation of general corrugated paper boxes", with the purpose of strengthening the function of corrugated boxes to facilitate stacking and display products. This measure will effectively promote the development of corrugated box industry. More importantly, this is a change of concept. This set of standards not only changed the carton that was originally at a disadvantage compared with RPC in terms of sales and stacking, but also became a successful case of the development of the carton industry in a more mature direction. Our domestic carton enterprises should be cited as × 20. Only by going out of the enterprise and understanding the actual needs of users, sellers and even consumers can we produce more humanized products

product crisis caused by the quality of cartons

traditional corrugated cartons are mostly used for transportation. Due to the fierce competition between secondary packaging and reusable packaging products, the number of corrugated cartons purely used for transportation continues to decline. The market demand for corrugated boxes with high intensity and good advertising function is increasing day by day, and the demand for exquisite printing is higher and higher. The production level of many domestic carton enterprises varies greatly. The production equipment of most enterprises is old and backward. The quality of corrugated carton products produced cannot have high physical indicators, and the quality is unstable. And while pursuing exquisite appearance, we should not ignore our own quality and convenience of transportation. Therefore, the development trend of China's corrugated box industry requires it to bear a greater load: there are more types of corrugated boxes; The use of paper is developing towards high strength and low quantity: there is a higher requirement for the printing fineness of cartons

at present, the biggest headache in China's carton industry is the lack of unified and strict standards, specifications and prices. The changes of these factors are in the hands of carton users. Those who make cartons are always passive and always follow the requirements of users. Our current carton specifications are diverse, with more than 100 specifications, adding unnecessary trouble to the machinery and board making of carton factories. Now, companies generally require zero inventory in order to reduce their operational risks. For the carton industry, every business is urgently needed, which poses a severe test to the quality of cartons. Therefore, no matter how short the delivery cycle of cartons is, it is also necessary to ensure the quality of carton products. Quality is the life of enterprises. The above two schemes, which are becoming shorter and shorter, need to change the original machine structure and the delivery time of cartons, which will generally put forward high requirements for the production plan and carton quality of carton enterprises, especially the quality of expedited cartons. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the quality problems caused by the short delivery period, resulting in the loss of customers and the potential crisis of products

crisis caused by service awareness

the corrugated box industry is a service processing industry that provides external packaging services for other industries. The service quality and customer opinions of the enterprise should be handled in a very timely manner, and the problems on carton packaging that customers have not realized should be considered in advance

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